The Queen is Back

As is to be expected, after a long silence I come out with the unexpected…


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and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way…I mean that I, as the Queen of my own Universe, Mistress of my own Destiny, Painter of my own Canvas….am fully back, present, ready to make things happen.


In previous posts I talked about the end to “Extreme Cocooning” and the “Glass Cocoon” Asleep at Annettes (2) the latter being when you tell yourself you’ve emerged but you’re really only half awake and still locked in there letting some things in but not really participating. So when I say “I’m back” it’s back as in fully present and with more focus than ever before.

The self-awareness and peace I’ve been praying for since I started on my journey are now part of who I am. My focus is compassion, love and service and I reject – but do not condemn nor waste time thinking about – that and those who do not serve me and my higher purpose.

When I go inside with intention I’m able to connect to my higher self – the piece of God the Creator in me – and when I am connected in this way I feel the energy of the universe inside and out.  It’s like I’m swimming in it; breathing it in.  All is beauty.  All is love.  And so it is

.Twin Towers



Raphael the Guardian Angel, Ninja Turtle, Funny Guy – Part II

archangel raphaelSo in my previous Archangel Raphael post I told you guys about the signs that may appear when St. Raphael is at work in our lives.  This was the same post where I said my friend Donna had learned that Raphael was her guardian angel….

Well here’s what happened to me today.  I took a drive out to Middleburg with a friend to check out a potential business opportunity.  We got some new information that made the potential seem even more exciting.  As we got back into the car and drove off I turned to my friend and said, “I believe the Universe is beginning to send the right things our way.”  Her reply: “Well there’s your sign” and she was pointing to the car ahead.  I sped up to see the license plate which read “CHIN UP”

I do believe that was Raphael talking to us.