The Queen is Back

As is to be expected, after a long silence I come out with the unexpected…


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and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way…I mean that I, as the Queen of my own Universe, Mistress of my own Destiny, Painter of my own Canvas….am fully back, present, ready to make things happen.


In previous posts I talked about the end to “Extreme Cocooning” and the “Glass Cocoon” Asleep at Annettes (2) the latter being when you tell yourself you’ve emerged but you’re really only half awake and still locked in there letting some things in but not really participating. So when I say “I’m back” it’s back as in fully present and with more focus than ever before.

The self-awareness and peace I’ve been praying for since I started on my journey are now part of who I am. My focus is compassion, love and service and I reject – but do not condemn nor waste time thinking about – that and those who do not serve me and my higher purpose.

When I go inside with intention I’m able to connect to my higher self – the piece of God the Creator in me – and when I am connected in this way I feel the energy of the universe inside and out.  It’s like I’m swimming in it; breathing it in.  All is beauty.  All is love.  And so it is

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Tarot Tuesday: Man Holding A Heart

He’s ba-a-a-a-ck..


This guy keeps turning up in my readings….I feel like I should be sending him birthday cards or something…

The other day I pulled a card from my Energy Oracle Cards deck by Sandra Anne Taylor and who turned up again but this #45 card “Man Holding Heart”

The messages for this deck are on the skimpy side and for this one:

  • signals greater clarity about emotions and their purpose in your life; more balanced approach to family and love (if a man is the subject of the reading)
  • presence of a new man in your life who tends to be more thoughtful and aware – whether or not this man is a love interest or a friend, he brings a high intention to help where personal projects, family, or home issues are concerned

As for the card number – 45*

  • The angels are helping you through a positive life change

45 reduces to 9 (4 + 5 = 9)*

  • Get to work, Lightworker–now!  The number 9 means that you’ve completed all of the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose.   Stop procrastinating, as it’s time to start taking action steps.  Even baby steps are useful

*From Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 available on along with the Energy Oracle Cards.

Even though the man holding the heart has turned up several times for me already I’ve never gone the next step and consulted the Angel Number book about #45 – so there you have it – another instance of the same guidance coming to me in reading after reading.


Today is an energy oracle card and it is: CONTRACT

Contract Card #6 from Sandra Anne Taylor's energy oracle cards deck.
Contract Card #6 from Sandra Anne Taylor’s energy oracle cards deck.

Before doing anything else today I decided to pull a card to post this morning and I drew:  CONTRACT from Sandra Ann Taylor’s Energy Oracle Cards deck.  The number associated with this card is 6.

When I say I pulled this card what actually happened is that while I was shuffling the deck the card jumped out and landed face up in an upside-down position. So when I card picks itself for you, you just go with it and for purposes of this deck when the card is in the upside-down or reverse position there’s a different meaning to it.

So the CONTRACT card in reverse means signals the end of a previous connection or the delay or disappointment concerning a future commitment.  However, the delay may provide some purpose or protection – or something even better might be on its way so don’t despair.

The key is to not let yourself become desperate about it because your needy, urgent energy could possibly postpone the desired outcome even further.  Instead, take positive action, even if it’s in a different direction and your patience will pay off.

In the event of the breakup of a romantic relationship, keep in mind that you deserve to be honored so hold off to offer your life to someone who is willing to be fully present and loving.  When you honor yourself you’ll attract the person who will honor you accordingly.

As far as the number 6 is concerned don’t worry or obsess about material things especially money.  Worry lowers the effectiveness of your prayers – remember from yesterday the faith thing…..worry is an indicator of wavering or lack of faith.

Have a wonderful day.

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

English: 1867 ad for Spratt's Dog Biscuit, pro...
English: 1867 ad for Spratt’s Dog Biscuit, probably the first commercial/industrial dog biscuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?  

This one is a piece of cake and if anyone reading this has the financial backing I’d need and a similar vision here’s what we’d do…..

We’d buy a farm and open a pet rescue/shelter.  We’d have a vet  and vet techs on-site to care for the medical needs of abused animals (until my almost 9 year old daughter grows up and becomes a vet, then she’ll take over and be the vet).

I’d build an amazing facility resembling a huge barn with plenty of space to run around outside and a doggie shower room to hose off when it’s time for snuggling in nice comfy beds.

English: the animal shelter in Düren-Niederau ...

The house would have a commercial-equipped kitchen where I’d spend time making home-made dog biscuits in the shape of bones, and cats, and postmen and things like that……

I’d like capacity for up to 100 dogs.  And an office to serve as a clearing house for pets being dropped off or picked up from high kill shelters or abusive homes, stray drop offs, etc. and to have staff to post to all animal rescue web-sites, including as many breed-specific rescues as possible; arrange and conduct home visits; facilitate adoptions, etc.

Oh, and a full-time trainer to evaluate and train incoming guests.

I can handle the cat house part on my own as I’ve already ordered my crazy cat person starter kit from Russell Deasley of the usually hilarious: