Sister Mary Chardonnay

A glass of Chardonnay. Thomas Jefferson's Rotu...
A glass of Chardonnay. Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda is reflected in the wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sister Mary ChardonnaySISTER MARY CHARDONNAY is my sacred yet profane alter ego who swears like a sailor then tweets about what color the vestments were at Mass on Sunday.  Sister Mary Chardonnay attended Catholic school for twelve years–an all-girls’ school for the high school part.  The school, also attended by my mother and her sister, is no longer open having fallen victim to the shrinking enrollment in Catholic schools in the (not quite affluent sections of) Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  The school I proudly attended was Notre Dame High School for Girls in Moylan, PA.   The last graduating class was in 1981.  I graduated before then, LOL.


10 thoughts on “Sister Mary Chardonnay”

    1. he, he, he I’m an old lady too but don’t tell anyone, ok? I’m glad you found me, through me finding you I guess. I can tell from your comment “I knew I was going to have fun here with you.” that we will be BBF’s (best blogger friends! Nice to meet you!!


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