1. It’s funny. I’ve never seen the deck or this card, until today. I was looking for a different deck and boom, I saw the card and it said man holding heart. I was like whoa. I’ve been ‘seeing’ a man holding a heart for a while now.
    So cool

  2. Hi my name is Lisa and I am a help refuser too. I think I would rather be the martyr and feel “strong’ as opposed to feeling by weak by accepting help. Even when it comes to God I feel very much as though if I am capable of doing it or getting through it on my own, I SHOULD be doing it, as opposed to asking God for help when he has so many people who need help more than I do. Though provoking post. Thank you.

    • Thank YOU for your insight and comments Lisa – I am referring more to the people who clearly need help – or who are so overwhelmed they don’t know where to begin to help themselves. I was raised much like you – just do it yourself or suck it up and do without! And remember – God is Everything and Everywhere and if you’re asking for His help you’re not tying up His time – He has time for all of us! Best regards! Cynde

  3. My name is CracTpot. And I am a help refuser. Are there meetings? Some kind of patch I can wear? A gum I can chew to help with the feelings of guilt and responsibility? I spend my Sundays not even asking God for help because I already feel so indebted for all my blessing that I don’t want to waste any time in church saying anything but Thank you…yeah, I think I might have a bit of a problem :s

  4. Pride. And perhaps thinking they owe that person in the future. Could be from a previous bad experience where they accepted help and the person dogged them forever and a day. Some folks do evil stuff like that.

    For example if you’re a Woman and you get assistance from a man you know they’ll wanna get paid and I don’t mean in money!!

  5. I’m not big on Thanksgiving or Christmas as I don’t have money to spend on either one but giving can constitute time. Spending time with those you Love or donating your time to organizations where you are really needed and appreciated. My brother Stephen who has Autism and I will spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas as low-key holidays. Fortunately for me Stephen just loves being with me. He is not into material goods. You could give him a key chain and some M&M’s and he would be happy. As I cannot afford a turkey with fixings we will have a humble meal together. But the main thing is that we will be together. I’m happy, grateful and Blessed to have a brother like Stephen. Autism Guys Rule!!

  6. Hey there! Glad you’re back! And glad you shared your mother’s advice. Mothers are, in fact, always right. (I’m a mother; I ought to know!) But, hmmm. The part about mothers always telling the truth? Double hmmmmmm.

  7. Welcome back! I can very much relate…it had been seven months since m last post ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the tips. A lot of this sounds very familiar…probably because I heard it from my mother too. Hearing it from you also is just reinforcement!

  8. The Whispers card about asking for help resonated with me because I do need assistance in caring for my brother Stephen who has Autism. Stephen does not live with me but I need somebody with a Car who drives who can bring Stephen from his Group Home Residence to where I live. As his only living immediate relative everything falls on me. I love my brother but sometimes I feel overwhelmed trying to work a full-time job and meet his needs also.


  9. Fun blog post and great art! I have days like that all the time. In fact, seeing that you liked and followed my blog this morning was one of those serendities–but please check out my self-hosted WordPress page LivinginCyn.com. As you may have guessed, my name begins with C too, and I thought the name of your blog was so perfect! “C-Sweet”. I always say the best things begin with C… Also, you can add your site to a little linky collection I have going here: http://www.livingincyn.com/bloggers-commenting-back/ I’m following you back and I look forward to seeing what you’re up to.

    • Thanks for noticing….I know, right…I go in waves….hard for my ADD mind to settle into a flow that includes a little of everything on a day in, day out, week in, week out basis. Seriously, thanks for noticing….some good things are happening as far as business opps….soccer tourney over the weekend took that time away…and so it goes. I’m here, gearing up for another flurry of posts like I always do….you really did just make my day with this message….thank you Jason!!! <3

  10. You made $2? That’s great. Blogging only every seems to cost me time and money. I tried your poll, but although I don’t have a particular name for my moods, I didn’t want to be rude and choose the wtf option, so I improvised.

  11. What can I say? The world is full of ignorant people and I’m sick of it, too. The sign in the window of the hair salon was posted by a Muslim and was aimed at other Muslims. The message was clear to those on both ends. The unfortunate impact that it had on bigoted non-Muslim extremists who felt they should react by spewing vitriol all over social media was unforeseen. Perhaps if the salon’s sign offered a little detail about what “hijab friendly” means then some of this may not have played out the way it did. However, I don’t think it would have been completely avoided because haters gonna’ hate no matter what is said. Every business has the right to target to any segment they choose–African Americans, Muslims, men, women, children, people who like their hair colored, those who want it straight, etc. People (haters in this case) do not have the right to defame the reputation of the salon based on a sign in the window. There’s plenty of attorneys in this part of the world, Oasis Aveda should call one up and let the hounds loose.

  12. Love your hair!
    I do think it is disheartening that all people of a group are judged based on the actions of a small percentage. I think members of those groups need to be vocal and proactive, not in a hateful way, but in a way that protects the image of the community. I’ve yet to hear any American Muslim leaders take a public stand against radicals or lead the “war” against the Muslims who are destroying the image of all peace-loving Muslims.

  13. Hi Cynde! I just wanted to come on over and take the time to thank you for stopping by my blog! I admire your work, and have followed your blog, so I can stay up to date! Thanks again–and great to make your acquaintance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Not 30 pages worth (with an intentional blank page) ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I have had a flow of thoughts that I have to stop what I’m doing and write it down because I know if I don’t write it down at that moment, my recollection of it later won’t be as good as when the inspiration hit me originally. How exciting!

  15. Nothing of that magnitude. Sometimes I get blogged up with several which is where I am right now. And I still read and put off the writing. I’ve got to make some changes. I love the writing but it seems easier to put off. If I don’t catch your blogs today, they move off the horizon so I try to catch them while they are new.

  16. Afterthought: I usually ask for comments and would especially like to hear from you on this…has this kind of thing ever happened to you – where you got a rush of creative inspiration? Do you ever feel that you have so much inside that you want to express, whether in writing, painting, song, but you just can’t figure out how to get started? How did you get past that and get going?

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    (If you received a notification that I tagged you here, please let me know so I know that I did this correctly…thanks!)

  18. …and the winner is…..ONETA HAYES!!!!! Big round of applause for commentor @OnetaHayes who will receive the set of three blog/writing inspired decorative magnets. Oneta, I need your mailing address please? Now for the rest of you, to show that I honestly do appreciate your time and your feedback when I do these things, if you’ll email me with your full name and mailing address you might just get a little surprise from me in the mail sometime soon…. thecsweet@gmail.com. If, for privacy purposes you don’t feel comfortable sharing I totally understand but promise I will not show up at your front door unless invited!

  19. I missed out on the 101, but am now participating in the 201! I’m mulling over it now, as a matter of fact. And yes, OM/Harsh Reality is truly a great blogger, I hold him in very high respect as well. How does he do it!! I’m lucky if I’m able to do 1-2 posts within 1 week!

  20. Ok. First I have to say I LOVE Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. And I’m borrowing ADDDiva the next time Sam says “You look FINE can you please stop worrying about your hair?” Now, back to finish reading this. <3

    • To avoid having 2 on-going conversations on yet another post of yours, I’ll add my comments here. I am a first born child. I am particular. Sam says OCD, I say I have nice things and I intend to keep my nice things, so I take care them and I am particular. Sam’s wrong, I’m not OCD. Anyway, this made perfect sense to me. Do it right, means only doing it once. Most of the time.

  21. I will totally go check out Blogging University. Yes, I’ve been blogging since 2005 but it has changed so much in those 11 years. Who would continue to be good at their job if they didn’t stay up to date on the newest techniques? I may have to rethink some of the things I believed about blogging and my quest at world domination.

  22. oh, I forgot to mention that I was interrupted in the middle of yet another rant I was making on FB when the dinner was ready to come out of the oven, so after that I came up and had a hot bath to calm my cough then sat down with the art journal and……yeah….going back to finish the FB rant now and will probably show up as a blog post tomorrow…..

  23. These magnets are definitely unique in design and reveals a part of your personality. Nice mementos from you essentially. Reminds me of my cousin’s wedding where the wedding favors were actually customized fridge magnets with both the pics of the wedded couple as well as the wedding date were shown.

    • Thank you – the paper I used was cut from larger Zentangle type doodle art I’d done a while ago….Thanks for playing!! This is so much fun – I’m literally putting names into the fishbowl as I read the comments!

  24. In Chapter 36 of Exodus, God talks to Moses about Oholiab saying that the Lord had given him “skill and ability” to perform the work entailed in building the tabernacle. I often think of that when I see the beautiful art pieces that pull at my heart strings. Skill, ability, and God inspired. Pray that your Csweet Shoppe is blessed.

    • Oneta, what a beautiful sentiment! You are such a special lady for saying this to me and you know that I regularly thank God for my skills and talents and tell Him that my goal is to use to my full potential as a way of showing my gratitude! You are such a precious dear – this was like getting a big hug from you!! Thank you so much!

  25. I have to try out your recipe! If there’s a secret ingredient in it, then it’s a keeper. I’ve done the potatoes with lamb and it was so delicious. I love how the potato just soaks up all that flavor… yum!

    I called out of work at 7am on Saturday and just curled up with my loom and it was a wonderful weekend. I’m near the Shore but not too near to get any of that awful flooding. Though they did evacuate the next town over. The plowing job was atrocious. But overall, the snow is already melting and it was a good time because the power didn’t go out!

    Glad you’re feeling better and it sounded like a very productive weekend! How cozy with all that snow! I would take another weekend like that again (:

  26. My daughter and I get Winter Sick every year. For us, it’s like Fall Sick only worse. My theory is that her preschoolers bring home every germ known to mankind and we get just a touch of it all. Love the blog, btw!

      • Uh oh, I hope you were able to find something! It’s like Hurricane Sandy — I had to resort to the boxed rice milk so my girls could have cereal in the morning! As a non-milk consumer, I really have no idea. I suppose people love to eat cereal and make milkshakes during blizzards?

        Sometimes I wonder if the weather forecasters have stock in milk and bread companies. That would make sense!

      • Oh I did thanks..I had bread and milk at home, including some powdered milk we use in the bread machine…I was after wine and picked up more bread and milk as surplus…lol – I ended up with a package of hamburger buns (I wanted mini hoagie rolls) and a bag of mini bagels. As for milk…a half gallon of Tru Moo chocolate marshmallow flavor choc milk…..and the checker was surprised I managed to find the bread that I did find….it’s nuts!

      • Aha! Can’t go wrong with chocolate milk and bagels. The liquor store stop will be tomorrow for me, I’m pretty sure they’ll still have my vodka. Stay warm and cozy, and happy stay-at-home day!

      • Thanks. I ask because I used to be good at splashing vodka into anything but lately not so much. Could be that o have this dumb vanilla flavored vodka that tastes good with nothing I have on hand

      • Yes I stay away from the flavored vodkas. I did try an amazing mango-flavored one recently from one of those shot-bottles. But I wouldn’t want an entire bottle of it! Very tasty though.

        Vanilla vodka sounds like it could be good with pepsi/coke/dr. pepper. Or for non-carbonated, maybe something tropical, like coconut or mango-flavored.

        Hope you’re in the clear with the storm! It’s still going strong and about 18″+ so far. How have you fared?

      • We’ve got at least 2 feet and it’s still snowing…I was out shoveling a little while ago.. Just to get outside and say I did it. Hoping we can get out of the driveway by Monday.

      • I hope I can get out on Monday for work! I called out today and fortunately got a lot accomplished. I’m saving the shoveling for tomorrow, it’s just too windy and cold out there today. Your shoveling will be a lot easier than mine tomorrow, that’s for sure!

  27. I’m on the Eastern Shore, so like you waiting to see what this storm is going to be like for us…looks to be a mix of rain and snow with the tides being a big issue, possible flooding….never know what Mother Nature is gonna do!! Stay Safe!!!

    • You stay safe too! Flooding is scary….my biggest fear is being stuck in the house with hubber, 2 middle school age kids, 3 boxers, and a cat and no wine….but that fear is alleviated. I picked up the wine so I’m all set. Here near DC the Fairfax County schools were closed TODAY…..and we already know our Loudoun County schools are closed. We’re off to the band concert and hopefully home and all snug by 8 p.m.

  28. I love it! Laughed out-loud and scared the dog. I’m going down in the basement later where I keep all my discarded efforts at various crafts and I’ll take a picture of my basket of knitting supplies. It’s a little sad. Clearly I like baskets and colorful yarn and spooky-looking implements and nifty bags with pockets and slots and Velcro flaps. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me really. There are three or four long strands of what I think are called…well I can’t remember. I call them partial scarves. Endless stitches in various tensions because I can never figure out how to turn around and go back the other direction and then I get bored with it. I had a daughter-in-law who was trying to teach me but she flew the coop so that’s out. Plus, I think she felt sort of superior when she was giving instructions because she made it super complicated and then had this look on her face when I couldn’t get it–kind of like–wow, you really are stupid. I played along to make her feel smart. She could knit like crazy though. I don’t miss her, to be honest. I probably ought to open up WORD and write something because it looks like I’m doing a whole rambling blog here instead of a polite comment. Something tells me you get that. ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. I love honesty. One of the things I dislike most about Facebook and similar social media is the pretense or appearance that life is perfect. While positivity is a good thing, if all I hear from someone is the perfection of their life, I simply cannot relate because my life is far from perfect. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to reading more of you. I’d not heard of cocooning before, it is an apt description for depression and withdrawal.

    • You’re not the first person I’ve heard say that the things people put on FB strike them as fake. I don’t know that I didn’t notice it so much or that it doesn’t bother me–I think I give it a subconscious “good for you” and read on because most of what shows up on my news feed from my FB friends are opinions, inspirations, accolades for others, etc. and I chime right in and share. For me, FB and all social media is there for me to use as I wish – what I post may hit someone the wrong way on a given day when they’d otherwise be fine with it. I know if you put it out there it’s out there forever but I also feel that social media postings are so in the moment and there’s so MUCH out there that you just have to take it in and keep moving if it’s not all that egregious. Does that make sense?

  30. Great post! I gave up all diet sodas. First the ones with aspartame in them because they made me feel numb all over and then when the ones with sucralose (splenda) came out, I couldn’t drink them either. Instant and severe migraines. I will occasionally drink a Zevia but unfortunately they contain some sugar and raise my bloog sugar, so I am stuck with tea I make myself with liquid stevia, coffee or water. I also gave up toxic people. I’ve cut friends and relatives out of my life because I just cannot handle their negativity. Good luck to you with quitting the negative.

  31. Yay you for starting off the New Year right and blogging/writing regulary! Great list for 2016, I’m trying to do a lot of the same things and like you, when I get overwhelmed, I go into cocoon mode. I’m trying my best to not go there anymore ! Keep up the great work, here’s to a great New Year! Jodi

  32. Yay You Cynde, you are doing a great job blogging and writing! I’m trying to do better too but I’m like you, when I get overwhelmed, I go into a cocoon, too…It’s time to get out and just deal with things and shine on. Here’s to a great 2016 for all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. liking to start at the beginning and work things through to the end is not being a perfectionist, it just means you like doing things in a serial manner ๐Ÿ˜›

    being a bit of a perfectionist comes out in the way you write and structure and format your blog entries ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Interesting description of who or what is your ideal reader. I wish I had such clarity of thought. or maybe, I do have an ideal reader – one who enjoys reading my posts ๐Ÿ˜€ I wonder if that’s a good enough description? ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. CJ ,how many authentic fellas are following along? (just curious)
    I don’t always check in, but when I rise at 3:40 am and check my email, it’s fun to peer into your world. Keep it up, you’re inciteful and entertaining…

  36. I laughed out loud when I saw your post. It’s not really a laughing matter, but it suggests so many puns that it has to be a laughing matter. I speak from experience. I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy this very week, but cancelled when I came down with bronchitis. I didn’t want to have it anyway, so… But I am 67, even older than you! And I have major issues with a very unpredictable colon. This is the result of aggressive radiation I underwent six years ago for cervical cancer. The cancer had spread, so radiation was the treatment of choice. It worked: it killed the cancer, but it almost killed me. About two years after the radiation, the colon began to show its damage. Really, as they say in my house, “not table talk!” Let’s just say that I have had a shitty time of it. But I can live with it. Hey, it’s not cancer…

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    I love seeing bloggers jump in with both feet! I also appreciate the sharing and enthusiasm in this post! Best of luck this year as you continue blogging. Looks like you are meeting the right bloggers to me! -OM
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    Hi Blog Friends!
    I had to share this with you – Just received a text from a good friend asking for the link to my “poopie” article I wrote after my colonoscopy prepping ordeal. She has another friend drinking the juice tonight and wants to send it over to make her laugh….so while I was digging up the link I figured I’d re-post this just for the heck….actually, no, it’s a community service message because if you’re near my age and you haven’t had this done you really should – it’s not that bad….like my post says – the prep part is the torture. So I’m re-posting in honor of my former brother in law who passed away a month ago at the tender age of 52…..from colon cancer.

  39. This is beautiful and inspiring. Everyone needs a breather. We forget we should stop doing things or thinking about something all the time. Being present and mindful of every thought and action is a way to stay happy and content. Play and fun with the kids is always a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m so happy you found this post beautiful and inspiring Vilina. I realized that this post had more views and likes than any other before or since–that told me that it resonated with far more people than I imagined it would. Most people I know in real life wouldn’t share something so personal in a public blog post but my thought is that if just one person is uplifted upon hearing that they’re not alone then I did the right thing by sharing it. Your words mean the world to me. Thank you so very much for your sweet comments!

  40. When I start the New New Year, I think of whatever goal I can do as soon as possible and then I can focus on the next one or work alongside 2 goals at a time if need be. I don’t make strict resolutions which may not get accomplished right away,leaving me falsely frustrated and unfulfilled. Everything takes time.As they say,Rome wasn’t built in a day. We go with the flow and do things as they come. Afterwards as you look back, you’ll see what you had done and have a sense of satisfaction.Remember,you’re doing this for yourself and not to please others. Happy New Year!

    • Good Stuff! Because I always have tons going on it may seem in any given moment that I’m not moving the ball far down any field but I’ve taught myself to pause and think about how long I’ve been working on a particular thing and how far I’ve come….therein lies the reward!

  41. have fun with the blogging!
    Good luck with the job hunt, that IS a full time job! I’m in the same boat, I don’t have much hope of finding anything til the price of oil goes back up. I hope your type of work is more available.

  42. Wow! Beautiful artwork, Jessica. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m copying your link to my daily (Jan. 1st) post. Just a reminder – if the Jan. 2nd post exists when you publish yours tomorrow, please link to it rather than the Rules post. Thanks!

  43. Hi, I struggle with this question too…as I do not have fears, I have a bit of hesitations…. and thats only because what I think I need or want, I don’t have yet, especially when it comes to money…My biggest fear happened to me when I was 14 and my mom passed…when a love one dies suddenly, it changes your whole outlook in life…I can get through anything after that..I’m not afraid of death or losing anyone because I’m very spiritual and know that I will see them again, just not in the physical form but they are always there…I would hate to die and not having fulfilled any of my dreams,… but this life is temporary and when your time is up, for you to go home, it’s your time…

    People try to do so much to stay immortal. People have a fear of aging. which is a natural process of life..It doesn’t matter how many surgeries they have, or the money they have, they are still going to perish one day.

    I know so many people that rushed to have kids and get married because of fear of missing out and fear of age and because of peer pressure. Now they wish they would have waited, not because they don’t love their kids, they just had no idea what that life entailed…they didn’t even know who they were….I don’t have fears that some people have like with sharing your body with another human being, because I’m not doing anything to worry about pregnancies or STD’s….some people fear getting tested, because they know they haven’t used protection and have had so many partners.

    There are all different types of fear, but maybe we are calling it the wrong name..I have reservations of getting into another relationship because I always wind up giving more, loving more…doing more…. I don’t want to be taking advantage of. I have reservations of starting a family or even getting married because, men now a days are a trip, lol. I’m not trying to be your mother or maid. I don’t want to marry the wrong man. Thats why if one takes their time. And truly gets to know that person and become friends, then it will be all good.

    But rushing into something. Not my style. When men rush thats a red flag and I fear for my life and run, LOL….Nobody should be talking about babies and marriage in 15 minutes or trying to lock you down. But I don’t have fears like that…I have dislikes, and reservations and hesitations, LOL… but I’m not afraid of anything really. This world is ours for the taken and we just need to make the most of it!

    The thing one is afraid of, or fear, they must do and you’ll get over it. I do have a weird phobia of dates, lol. They just look like big water bugs to me, LOL.. I can’t stand the site of them and don’t see how people eat them. I wish they looked another way. The same with beets, LOL the tail looks like a mouse. Now those are weird phobias or fears, lol…

    Other than that if I feel hesitant to make a move, i just go within and have faith and muster up the courage and ask myself why I feel this way and ask for spiritual guidance…”fears” should propel and motivate you! And the fear is only in our head… but its all trusting the process regardless of what it is.

    • Awesome comment – we think alike on so much of this: no big fear of aging or dying and the spirituality aspects I mean. I agree with you on the dates thing in that they do resemble water bugs but hadn’t thought that until you pointed it out, LOL. I have absolutely no interest in eating them and rarely even encounter them so they’re not a fear factor for me. As for beets – I LOVE beets…..love love love me some beets so if any show up to scare you please send them my way!!

  44. Fear is a relative term. Like you, the fear of losing one’s children is real, and I also fear losing my mom, my dad passed away over a year ago, so I know how that feels; it’s horrible.
    Thoughtful post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Well written. I have read many faith-based posts but not too many Catholic ones. I am also Roman Catholic and come from many generations of Catholicism. I was born Catholic, and Catholicism is in me. I feel like I couldn’t change my Catholicism any more than I could change my nationality. Yet, there are some aspect of my faith that I struggle with.

    I like what you wrote about being present. It’s something that I sometimes forget but that makes such a difference in being able to enjoy and participate in the world that I am given today.

    As much as I struggle with some of the manmade ideas and behaviors that have evolved through the centuries, what grounds me is remembering that we are “one bread, one body”…and I take it from there.

  46. Looking forward to witnessing this… as a newer blogger, I’m always interested in how people come up with their plan, and if they can make money from it, HOW they do it. I’m staying tuned ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh wow, I think this just got real sereyus….you want to witness THIS??? Well as of the day I posted about working on the format the appearance of the whole site has changed dramatically – but before I did that I spent a bunch of time checking out other blogs via Opinionated Man’s Meet & Greet for bloggers and following many of them. The result was that peeps started following me which made me pause and say, oh dear, I feel as though they’re watching me working in my underwear so I worked on the format for a couple of days. Yes, my kids are on Christmas break and I’m holed up in my room working on my blog….timing is everything. I was happy to happen upon this theme I chose which they call a magazine format, I like that, shows a variety of stuff out front. From there I worked on getting the widgets to all work right with the proper links, etc. that can be frustrating but I slogged through it after a big scare of looking at the wordpress.org stuff and feeling like I was doomed because I’m not a developer. So here we are today and I made the link work to add the Amazon associates to the page although I wanted to show it more prominently and as a picture….I don’t think they pay you for a “by the way” tacked on mention. We’ll see how that goes. As for the other ads, I’ve had word ads on my blog forever and a day but didn’t get enough traffic to make enough for a payout….basically I’ve accumulated $22 and change over 3 years of hit and miss posting so now that everything looks the way I want it too I’m all systems go to post every day as well as check out other blogs, follow, comment, etc. per the formula they all say works. Stay tuned and thanks for following!!

  47. CJ,
    Great post and reflecting what I have felt at times in my own life. I don’t like the comfort of a 9-5 job except for the security it provides.A year and a half of unemployment, inspire of being “highly qualified” showed me how much money matters and is respected in the world. A year later, in a job which provides me security and some fun but is not what I love to do, I find myself reflecting even as to whether my period of unemployment was better than this. The feeling that I need to do something, to prove myself strong in something is strong within me. Is this a very woman thing, do you think ?

  48. I think a lot of it isn’t so much laziness as a sense of futility, after years of trying to connect with like-minded folks by supporting their work, only to have them not return the favor. It can make a creative person feel totally invisible, and wonder what’s the point.

  49. What am I following today? I had oral surgery on Monday, so I guess I am following my surgeon’s advice. I was pretty out of it the last few days. I wanted to make sure I came by and visited you and returned the blog love you shared with me. I think I did, but the more blog love I share the better, like Christmas cheer. =) How did you find my blog? I always wonder?

  50. Hi,
    I know SusieShy. She is a new subscriber of mine.
    You liked a comment I made on Jason Cushman’s site, and I wanted to come over to introduce myself and say thank you.
    In response to your post. What helps me pick myself up again? I hate to sound like I’m not an empowered woman, but my husband is a great sounding board.
    Work also preoccupies me.
    Nice to meet you.

    • Hi Janice, I thought I’d replied to your comment earlier but it looks like I did not – and I definitely wanted to say that if your husband is a great sounding board and he’s there to listen when you’re feeling overwhelmed then you are the opposite of a “not empowered woman” – you are using the resources and help at your disposal to get to where you want to be…..I kind of hate that it sounds like I’m calling your hubby a resource at your disposal but in context you know what I’m getting at! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this!

  51. Thank you for writing this and helping me to be grounded. I tend to get lost during Christmas, trying to do so much with so little and not being satisfied with what I have done.
    You are so right, being in the present is so important, because who knows what the future will have for us ?

    • Hi Susie, I’m glad my little story helped you stay grounded. Please do focus on all that you’ve accomplished as far as getting ready for Christmas and all you mean to the loved ones with whom you’ll be celebrating!! I hope your day is merry and bright!!

  52. CJ, that is the advantage of the blogging community- you get unjudging friendships.
    Blogging has been cathartic to me too and a great learning and writing experience. I would like to read about how you stay positive amidst depression- is it good company or a good cry or a good talk or reading or what ?

    • Hi Susie!
      Well it’s a constant battle to stay positive when every little thing that doesn’t go your way seems to overwhelm. It’s a combination of that good cry, hot soak in a tub of bath salts, and pushing myself to re-center through my faith that I’m lovingly protected and have nothing to fear.

      One of the hardest things is that when you’re in that cocoon you avoid that connection with those who might lift your spirits–you’re your own worst enemy. Once you become aware that this is what’s going on though you’re in a better place to chew your way out!

      Have a wonderful day!!

  53. well … sounds like a lot, don’t sweat the small stuff and make ‘EVERYTHING’ small, this I was told by my very smart 35 year old son when he was in his 20’s ….. so every time I start to get a little crazy I think …. make it small …….

  54. ooooh ooooh, update update – the part arrived mid-day and the heat has been back on for several hours. The part in question is a Thermistor and the rocket scientist was genius to order a spare in case there’s a next time. They are just under $40 each so he saved us big time by fixing the furnace for 1/10th of the cost……Go Jeff!

  55. … holding dirty sox and mumbling “wine or wash? wine or wash?” sounds like something I would do. Then laugh about it for the next 3 weeks every time I thought about it… Gotta keep laughin’, girl!

  56. No, sober as a judge here…..I’m just not going back….to each his own, ya know? The bartender was nice and he tried he really tried…..and as I gathered up whites to do some laundry I laughed b/c there I stood with a handful of dirty socks from my son’s hamper, LOL….do laundry/make “wine”….do laundry/ make “wine”, LOL

  57. Ok, was that the sock water talking? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sounds pretty dreadful; there is nothing so bad as trying to soldier through a bad glass or drum of wine; I’ve grown ruthless when it comes to this, and if it’s bad, back it goes, I don’t care in what quantity I’ve ordered.

  58. Reblogged this on From the C-Sweet and commented:

    Today I met the neighborhood “framing guy” – a lovely retired gentleman who lives with is wife in the over-55 community up the street. Lovely gentleman is “semi-retired” now after owning and running 5 hobby and frame shops in our area. Now his frame shop is in his garage and my friend VA Shawn took me over there this afternoon to meet him. I brought one of my paintings – the one on paper that I did a while ago and really wanted to get framed correctly before it met with some disaster (Seafood Anyone?) and I also took my portfolio of drawings and some of the little collages and paintings I’m doing on the re-purposed Mass Cards. In the short time we were there lovely gentleman suggested mat combinations for the big painting, measured and worked up a price, discussed with us the benefit of always going with archival quality mats vs. paper, and came up with a kick-ass idea for displaying my Mass Card art….I can’t wait to experiment with his suggestions and of course I’ll post pics but here’s a hint…for this one with the funky 3-D mask he whipped out a purple suede mat……nuff said?

  59. I look forward to meeting you. This will be my third year. I live in Arlington, ship my things ahead, and take the train. It is lovely to travel “hands free”. If you look back a few days on the AIY Yahoo group, you will see that we have another DC area attendee this year, Ellen. It is wonderful to know that our numbers are growing. Be sure to say hello on tutu night — I’ll be the little old lady in an aqua and purple kaftan. Judy Hand Pitts

    • Hi Judy – I’m looking forward to meeting you too and unlike last year I am following all of the posts on the Yahoo group so I did make Ellen’s acquaintance on there and she’s also taking the train (Wed) and we’re going to meet up for a glass of wine that evening so if you’re arriving Wednesday and you’re up for it please come find us in the bar. My tutu is black and it’s rather long – – contemplating doing a little something with it to fluff it out more and raise the hemline from mid-calf to the knee – I’ll get to that next week! Hey, remind me to show you my art journal entry about the dream I had of my great granny – in the dream she had on a gorgeous aqua and purple kaftan, LOL…..I would love to do hands free travel but since I’m driving I don’t mind bring it all with me – but I was determined to keep all of my supplies organized and my agenda front and center because I don’t want to be surprised about what I’m to work on when I get to my workshops…..
      I honestly could’t imagine that this year could be that much better than last but having kept in touch with all of my teachers from last year as well as Sallianne and Ellen and having a list of “have to meet” new people started from interacting on the Yahoo group…..I’m going to be floating from this one for quite a few months after getting back home, I can tell already!

  60. All good advice, I attended 2 years ago, couldn’t return last year as we moved house, but this year I am returning.
    I brought with me last time all the items on class supply lists plus so much more…”just in case” which I didn’t need so I have learned this time.
    My carry on case for the airplane will be used to transport items to the class and like you I have separated each class supplies into separate muslin bags (as I am flying…only way from England lol)
    Tutu is ready, pink pjs for the pyjama day…tiara currently being made by a friend.

    I am taking Sue Peleetier class on Monday and Jodi’s on Sunday so should see you.

    I ended up having 5 boxes mailed home as I had a trip to Michaels…Heaven.

    Downtown is definitely needed, I indulge myself by having a room to myself, one because I snore and two so I can close the door and unwind – there is so much to do all the time.

    So I look forward to meeting you and to giving you a trade.

    13 days and counting x

    • Dawn,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting – love that –
      I’m likewise really looking forward to meeting you and I’m dying to see this tiara…..handmade by a friend huh? Sound like it’ll be fit for a queen…which by the way, couldn’t you have just borrowed one from you know who since you’re over there and all, LOL.
      I’m in Jodi’s class on Thursday and Sue’s on Monday so we’ll overlap by one class – yeah!!
      So excited!!

  61. C-Sweet, this is all terrific advice. I have participated in a dozen or so polymer clay three to four day retreats, and all of this is so true.
    Staying at the same venue is a big difference. With these kind of folks impromptu things happen all the time. And the brain and senses get so filled all day long, you need the energy for regrouping/sleeping, not commuting!
    Take notes. Lotsa notes. And pictures if possible. Then as soon as possible, even if it’s not until you get home, go back through the notes and make them make sense. Otherwise you’ll go back and look at them sometime weeks or months from now and wonder what in the world that scribble was supposed to mean. You’re going to be taking so much in at each class, it all starts to blur. I’d suggest a notebook of some sort to take to all the classes and leave lots of blank space between each class and each line for when you go back and clean it up. And this would be a good place to put a copy of your schedule, so you always have it with you.
    I’m taking a container for each class too. And as you said, there is a significant cross over for tools, so I’m leaving a note in each bin that reminds me to grab what I need from the previous bins!
    So, so glad I found the Yahoo group.
    Secret Cheerleader, eh? As a semi-retired professional clown, any chance to wear wild and crazy is right up my alley! I suspect there are a lot of inner children being let loose at this event. (If you don’t have a tutu, there are feather stoles in almost every craft store…)
    Take advantage of everything you can join for expanding your horizons. But be aware that you can go into overload. Take regrouping time or downtime when you need it, or it can all turn into just one big blur.
    Rolling suitcases and rolling bins are a godsend. Even just getting one of those rolling supermarket wire bins collapse down to near nothing, but can help immensely getting your art stuff (bins, magazines, paints, all that STUFF!) from the car to your room, or that kind of thing. Somewhere on the AIY website is suggested a rolling backpack or carry on kind of thing to carry your stuff to class and such. Great idea, it leaves both hands open for hugs and shopping!
    C-Sweet, I hope I didn’t hijack your message. I wanted to say you have excellent suggestions here, and I am reiterating they are great ideas!
    One more suggestion? For those who have a hard time with heat (hot flashes?) and air; Black and Decker makes something called a Snake Fan. About $20. Works on batteries, takes up little space. (there are other very small, battery driven fans too) Can provide some air movement and coolness when your having a power surge!

    • Awesome, thank you for letting me know…..it hit so close to home, so close to home…I’d been in meetings at Windows on the World at the top of one of the towers, Deloitte’s office was at World Financial Center just across the courtyard from the WTC, a colleague lost a childhood friend, my ex used to work there and made sales calls into companies located there….this is why I had to visit Ground Zero when we went to NY that weekend…..the ripple effect was felt so far and wide and it changed our world forever.