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This is the link to my online store on Amazon.com.  I’d already written some review notes about some of my favorite things – these are things that I use nearly every day and talk about in my various blog posts because I wanted to share them with you.  I may be compensated if you choose to purchase any of these items via following the links or in my store.  Note:  I’m listing only those items I personally purchased via Amazon.com for my own use.

How I Love My Kindle Fire!

Easier than carting around my laptop; easier to use for certain things than my iPhone.  I loved my Kindle when I first got it even though I’m an old-fashioned girl who always loved the hardback printed books like you get from the library….

Any, commuting to Washington DC via bus and Metro toting a laptop and whatever else I needed for work was not conducive to adding a hardcover book to the mix and that is how I fell in love with Kindle.  My Kindle Fire is actually my 3rd Kindle and I use it more now for playing games (which I’m trying to quit, LOL) but also accessing my blog to check out comments and respond, manage my soccer team schedule via TeamSnap, monitor items on eBay…it’s extremely reasonable vs. an iPad if you’re like me and you want a larger yet portable and smaller than a laptop device to access all of your favorite internet sites.

414ermmaagl-_ac_sr9895_Check Out Kindle Fire on Amazon.Com

Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Spiritual Card Readings

Recently I’ve gotten very interested in exploring the depths of my intuition, which I’ve always felt very strongly.  My research led me through guided meditations and angels and archangels and around to oracle cards–which are modeled after the traditional tarot card deck but with a spiritual twist such that the messaging is “positive and beautiful, while retaining the magical effectiveness of traditional tarot.”

These are the decks I purchased over the summer and have used for my own personal readings as well as to occasionally post a “Card of the Day” reading here on my blog.


51s4vrm4xxl-_ac_sr9895_Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards

for more detailed explanations and interpretations of the cards I also have:

51hd3x4jqcl-_ac_sr9895_Big Book of Angel Tarot  The Angel Tarot Cards and this Big Book of Angel Tarot are the things I use the most in my readings.

Other decks: (they’re kind of like potato chips….)

51spsea2e8l-_ac_sr9895_Gotta have the Goddess Guidance Cards  This is a really fun deck!!

51p8ro6y-ol-_ac_sr9895_Also have Mary, Queen of Angels 

51zxpbqk5wl-_ac_sr9895_Doreen Virtue’s Book Assertiveness for Earth Angels

I didn’t think I needed a primer in being assertive, LOL, but this book revealed a great deal to me about how it’s not necessarily assertive when you go along with things or let things that are done or said slide for a period of time to avoid a big discussion or confrontation…and then BAM, there’s that last straw and you explode….yeah, that’s not assertive and there are better ways to deal.  Hence, I bought Doreen’s book on this subject.

519frmnchil-_ac_sr9895_1Archangel Oracle Cards

The Archangels are very  interesting – all with their own personalities and attributes.  I began this quest by checking into Archangel Raphael and from what I read, I was hooked.  Here’s a post I wrote about A. Raphael Archangel or Ninja Turtle? and then A. Raphael Part II  after which I was totally hooked on these guys and gals!

51wfm9mdsel-_ac_sr9895_My mother was interested in numerology so I bought Angel Numbers 101 for her and obviously had to have my own copy.  Have you noticed that you see the same number combinations over and over?  If you’re interested in what that could mean this might be a good reference for you to consult.

As you can see I really glommed onto Doreen Virtue and I’m also have a strong affinity for natural stones and crystals, and have quite a few so I bought:

51g83-lrw6l-_ac_sr9895_Crystal Therapy “How To Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy

Last but not least, one more cool deck and the one I used for my reading the other night that I wrote about Mid January 7 Card Cross Spread

512ba5zlme2l-_ac_sr9895_Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor












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