Chester Up

That’s short for CHESTER THE FUCK UP (CTFU), which is a term coined by a friend of mine from high school.  Actually we did not attend the same high school but he attended the “brother” all-boys complement to my all-girls Notre Dame.

CTFU was developed in response to an invitation to a pity party I was having for myself on FACEBOOK.  If you know anything about Chester, Pennsylvania; Delaware County Pennsylvania; the non-affluent** suburbs south of Philadelphia, etc.  no further explanation is needed.

Incidentally, I grew up in the EAST END of Chester but my elementary school, ST. HEDWIG’S, was in the WEST END.  Bob, who coined the term CTFU went to ST. ROBERT’S, located in the East End.  Most of the friends that I made when I moved on to high school were from St. Robert’s.  (Go Bobcats!)


2 thoughts on “Chester Up”

  1. ** There are affluent Philly suburbs – the Main Line comes to mind. Just to clarify, this is not Chester County, PA (more affluence) it is the little city of Chester just south of the Philly airport. Home to my alma mater Widener University – go Pride! So while the C-Sweet has impeccable taste she did not in fact, grow up in the lap of luxury…..I was groomed to appreciate the finer things and experienced them when I could…..see how nicely that worked out?


    1. If our parents were familiar with facebook and blogging, they would wax poetic about Chester’s “golden era”. There was such a time when Chester was quite the hub of Delaware County. Check out
      “memories of chester” fb page for great stories from that era…


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