The Queen is Back

As is to be expected, after a long silence I come out with the unexpected…

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and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way…I mean that I, as the Queen of my own Universe, Mistress of my own Destiny, Painter of my own Canvas….am fully back, present, ready to make things happen.


In previous posts I talked about the end to “Extreme Cocooning” and the “Glass Cocoon” Asleep at Annettes (2) the latter being when you tell yourself you’ve emerged but you’re really only half awake and still locked in there letting some things in but not really participating. So when I say “I’m back” it’s back as in fully present and with more focus than ever before.

The self-awareness and peace I’ve been praying for since I started on my journey are now part of who I am. My focus is compassion, love and service and I reject – but do not condemn nor waste time thinking about – that and those who do not serve me and my higher purpose.

When I go inside with intention I’m able to connect to my higher self – the piece of God the Creator in me – and when I am connected in this way I feel the energy of the universe inside and out.  It’s like I’m swimming in it; breathing it in.  All is beauty.  All is love.  And so it is

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Today’s Energy Oracle Card Reading

Working on getting your groove back? Read on…

Working on Getting My Groove Back

I’m trying really hard (because it’s really hard for me right now) to get motivated, get an earlier start each day, adopt a productive morning routine, stay focused, and other good habits for people trying to make a living while launching a business and taking care of a family and the family home while worrying about an aging parent and maintaining a very firm grasp on sanity.

I started the day earlier than I have been starting – not saying exactly what time because it wasn’t all that EARLY, but had a call with my project manager and project team for the work I’m currently doing, already had breakfast and a shower – shortly after dressed, dried hair, called mail order pharmacy about my new prescription (some kind of fish oil supplement – don’t get me started – 180 supply costs $386 – no they don’t take coupons thank you very much – goes toward $3000 family deductible – OUCH!), called sick son out from school, made sick son some breakfast….

Energy Oracle Card Reading


To get to the point of this post I grabbed my “ENERGY Oracle Cardsby Sandra Anne Taylor deck and spent some time shuffling, asked for 3 cards and this is what popped out of the deck – all at the same time:

1st Card: #41 Archangel Uriel, 7th Chakra

Archangel Uriel, also known as the FIRE OF GOD, wears a brilliant crystal crown “vibrating with a passionate connection to the Divine.  She brings power to the 7th, or Crown, chakra located at the top of your head indicating a time of great intuition and guidance from higher awareness – watch and listen for messages from the Ascended Masters, archangels, guardian angels, or loving friends and family members in spirit.

Affirmation:  “My 7th chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state.  Love & inspiration from Spirit – and my own intuition-flow fully to me now”

2nd Card:#26 Hostilities – Defenses Up, Aggressive Energy

The appearance of the man with the raised sword is alerting us that hostilities toward us are about to be-or have already been-engaged.  This aggressive energy may be verbal or emotional, from someone in your environment being excessively critical, backstabbing, even out-and-out slander and in a more overt, obvious way.  This may be something you’ve already been dealing with or it may be coming but whichever the case may be remember – ALLOWING DISHONORING TREATMENT FROM OTHERS IS AN OPEN INVITATION TO THE UNIVERSE TO SEND YOU MORE – STAND UP FOR YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT.  

Affirmation:  “I am receiving the peaceful, harmonious treatment I deserve in my life.  I set up boundaries, make reasonable requests, and make my expectations clear.

3rd Card: #9 Broken Heart, Grief & Loss

The heart broken open reveals darkness, emptiness, and a grief-filled tear.  Whether this pain is from long ago or more recent, a deep healing is being called for now.

Reclaim your power and your peace of mind by venting your feelings and releasing this person or situation.  Open your heart to the light of Divine love and healing, make self-care a priority, and show compassion toward yourself opening your heart to the true and abiding love you rightly deserve.

Affirmation:  “I will release the pain of the past and live with compassion for myself.  Love HEALS and RENEWS me now.”

The Three Cards Taken Together

On the surface, not so uplifting of a reading, huh?  Went really downhill after the first card, right?  My interpretation is that taken together these 3 cards are telling us that we’re being looked after from the Universe, not only looked after but being sent guidance from the Universe! So if you’re reading this and you’ve been having a rough go of it lately (or the horrible year that I hear 2016 was for many people) this is a time to put yourself and your needs, dreams, and desires FIRST. This of course, involves a bit of contemplation work – dare I say meditation – to delve into what it is that you’re needing, dreaming and desiring – as well as – a look at where you are with respect to your family, social and work circles, specifically has anyone taken to treating you like a doormat?  You know what it means when they do it again and again, right?  You’ve given them permission to treat you badly by letting them get away with it once, maybe twice, perhaps even over and over.  It’s never too late to put your foot down and call an end to it though – do it!  Stand up for yourself!

And I don’t mean in a harsh, combative way, no, especially if you’re unaccustomed to standing up for yourself.  Do it in a calm, matter-of-fact way that conveys the message “That treatment is not acceptable.  From this point forward you will address me and treat me with respect.”

Give yourself permission to love yourself!  Take care of yourself in the manner you deserve to be cared for-that sets the standard for how others are to treat you if they want to interact with you on any level.  Otherwise, please tell them they can go….AWAY!

Have you been putting off going to the doctor or doctors for annual check-ups? Pick up the phone and make those appointments.  Are you doing your best to eat a diet that’s healthy for you and getting enough sleep?  When’s the last time you had a good haircut?  Do you have clothes that need to go to the drycleaners?  Plants that need watering?

Sister Mary Chardonnay recommends loving yourself a little today and every day by doing any or all of the following:

  • Get to the doctor, the ob-gyn, the ophthalmologist, the dentist
  • Make a hair, nail, eyebrow wax, massage appointment – or schedule a spa day!
  • Take 15 minutes per day to clear clutter – file, put away, throw away
  • Buy yourself a bunch of flowers
  • Light a candle in your favorite scent – my faves are lavender and vanilla!
  • Diffuse some aromatic oil to lift your spirits – lemon, spearmint, eucalyptus – FRESH!
  • Search YouTube or i♥Radio, Pandora, etc. for music playlists to lift your spirits, start the day energetically, mood music, binaural beats for positivity – there’s so much out there – you don’t have to love the music or listen to it all day but while you’re doing your morning routine it will elevate your mood
  • Breathe, remember to breathe!  If you’re holding your breath right now because you’re stressed out STOP what you’re doing.  Sit up straight and fill those lungs to capacity with some OXYGEN, in through the nose and out through the mouth baby – TEN TIMES- and see how much better you feel

Namaste, Bright Blessings and Loving Thoughts


What’s in the (Oracle) Cards Today?

Crazy how difficult it can be to ask for help, isn’t it?


Yes, I pulled these cards for a reading yesterday, on Tarot Tuesday but I’m not pretending I wrote this up yesterday and never hit publish.  I’m coming clean with my procrastination/perfection issue (yet again) and moving forward…..

The Cards

Before drawing these cards from the Archangel Deck (Doreen Virtue), I asked my angels and guides for a specific message for that day and here’s what they sent me for a 3 card spread (the history, the current, the ongoing) in which I added cards from the “Whispers of Love” deck–

The Reading

I)  Indigo and Crystal Children – Archangel Metatron:  “You have a bond with children.  In particular, you can help children who are sensitive.”   For me personally, this message is reaffirmation that my most important role in life right now is Mother, and my children and their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being remains my top priority.

The Whispers deck gave up the “Ask for Help”, #14 card: “What is it you really need help with?  Be willing to allow yourself the support you need.”  This question may not be all that easy to answer, right?  If you knew exactly what it was you should be asking for it’d be a lot easier to ask for the right help at the right time.

II) Spread your Wings! – Archangel Ariel: “Do not hold back right now.  The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!” The thing I’ve been drawn to working on the most these days is my art – I’ve been painting every chance I get, nearly every day if not every day – and I find that if I make time for creative endeavors it energizes me to take care of the rest of the things that need my attention. I’ve been quite prolific over the past couple of days with what I’m calling my Easter 2016 Series, consisting of angel paintings, one of Jesus on the cross (very abstract) and the latest I finished last night with a Sacred Heart of Jesus theme.

From the Whispers deck:  “Choose Love”, #21 card: “You always have a choice as to what you should do.”  I couldn’t agree more!  Many times we feel backed into a corner but we always have options, particularly options about how to react to situations which often dictates our overall frame of mind and the things we do about whatever it is we’re facing.

III) Hello from Heaven – Archangel Azrael: “Your loved ones in Heaven are doing fine.  Let go of worries, and feel their loving blessings.” This one made me cry – I really felt it – have been thinking about my recently passed away godfather/uncle (it’s been 6 months!!!) and the fact that I’m still in a state of somewhat disbelief that he’s gone. Actually, just the “Hello from Heaven” was a really welcome message on this day.

Whispers then told me: “Love Who You Are”, #8 card: “You are a Divine and wonderful person deserving all of the wonderful things that life has to offer.” Bottom line (for me):  KEEP THE FAITH!

Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Sacred Heart of Jesus




Tarot Tuesday for Jan 26, 2016

Please Disregard Date Stamp

My mystical powers fall short of being able to schedule this post for publishing yesterday, a Tuesday LOL, but in the interest if keeping it moving I did this reading last night and didn’t want to wait a week to share…this is known as “Cynde Time” by the way.

(An aside, I can’t help myself ok?…..the day and time of the week for the most views to my blog is Wednesday a.m. however my views are really low today while everyone is posting like gangbusters so I know my peeps are around….not a gripe, just interesting how this all works and I AM paying attention)

One Mother Mary Card

In pulling one card, I first think about a particular thing that I want information or guidance about.  Last night I chose my Mary, Queen of Angels  deck and I wanted to know about the most important thing to focus on for today.

Mother Mary says “Love is the Answer to All of Your Questions”….When you pray for love to heal your situation, God sends angels to your side.  Use only loving words to think, speak and write. Surround yourself with the highest energy possible to witness miraculous healing, discover new opportunities, and wonderful relationships. 

Thank you Holy Mother!

519frmnchil-_ac_sr9895_13 Card Archangel Oracle Cards Spread

Focusing once again on a particular situation the cards are pulled as follows:

  1. the Origin of the situation – Archangel Jophiel says “Clear Your Space”  Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you, and use feng shui.  CLUTTER can erode energy, creativity and prosperity (don’t I know it!!) Fresh Air~Open Windows~Donate~Recycle~Discard  The color associated with A. Jophiel is deep rose pink and the crystal pink rubellite.
  2. the Truth of the situation – Archangel Gabriel says “Leadership” It’s time for you to assume leadership power and position to lovingly guide others.  Inspire~Motivate~Serve~Help~Teach  Be a living example of following one’s Divine Guidance.  The color associated with A. Gabriel is copper and the crystal citrine.
  3. the Outcome of the situation –  Archangel Azrael says “Comfort” I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.  Color associated with A. Azrael is vanilla cream/pale yellow and crystal creamy yellow calcite.

Essential Oil:  Purification

I also have a page dedicated to essential oils by Young Living which I use regularly and which are available through me if you’re interested in checking out my Essential Oils page.  As mentioned on that page I’m not hawking the oils but when I ordered mine I ordered the full starter kit as a wholesale buyer and that automatically sets me up to sell to others and earn a portion if I wish to do so.  (I mention for the sake of transparency and full disclosure) but I will tell you that if I write about something in this much detail it’s because I love it, use it and think it’s so cool that others would definitely enjoy it as much as I do, kwim?

Anyway the oil I diffused last night was a mixture by Young Living  called Purification.  I love that – Purification – and I might have chosen this one if I’d gone into my box of oils but this one happened to be sitting on my nightstand.  I love when things work out this way.  So the  Purification mix when diffused creates a sweet refreshing scent that’s meant to “deodorize and neutralize the air”.  The oils in the mix are:

  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree
  • Myrtle
  • Citronella
  • Lavandin* not a misspelling – lavandin is another variety of lavender Lavandula Intermedia

Young Living Rose Shaped DiffuserWhat To Do With The Oils

The diffuser I have came with the kit I bought that came with a large variety of different oils including most of the ones I would have ordered individually–it was a great deal–I use the diffuser all of the time and have tried most, if not all, of the oils that came with the package.  End of pitch!

Really, it’s Wednesday Already?

Life goes on but snow days persist

School’s Out Until Next Month

I think you’ll appreciate the irony here – the call came in as I was getting dinner started.  Wayde Bayard, the Chief Information Officer for Loudoun County Schools calling to let us know that schools were closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friiiiiday.  Yes, he said each day individually like that reeeeaaaaal slooooooooww like that – to build the anticipation.

No sooner had they heard the news than my darling children, who I’ve been bragging about because they get along so well and they’re being besties and they’re out shoveling snow and making money and practicing their music, and, etc.  yeah, those kids….well within minutes of learning they’d be home with Mommy for the remainder of the week, were screaming at each other.

Fun times, no doubt.  Today’s been quiet so far mostly because the boy slept in.

More Blogging 101

In finishing up a wonderful month of learning a whole bunch of neat stuff about blogging and the WordPress features and the best part meeting and getting to know other writers, I checked out the last few Daily Tasks assigned to us and one suggestion was to have an associated Facebook Fan Page which I already have.  The thing I needed to do was make sure that any new pieces I posted were showing up on my C-Sweet FB page .  The posts were showing up there but not on my personal Cynde Jackson Clarke FB page so in adjusting that I stopped the posting on the C-Sweet page–all fixed now but you have to decide how you want these things to show up and then set up your page accordingly with the proper widgies and all that.

The Last Assignment:  A Regular Feature

When I first read this Daily Task I thought “oh geez, I don’t want to make something up here on the fly and then hate it by next week” but with further consideration I remembered that I like to play with my oracle tarot cards and write about the card I pulled or about a short reading.  So I hereby announce my regular feature “Tarot Tuesday” and even though it’s Wednesday already (some of you may recall my mentioning that I work on “Cynde Time” hmmm?), Tarot Tuesday starts today because I did a reading last night.

Last Thing

heart i drew 012716 PMI also did some doodling last night and present you with this abstract heart to show my fondness and appreciation for reading, commenting, laughing, and being my friend. I recently discovered PicMonkey and having a ball playing around digitally with the art I make by hand.  I also used PicMonkey to create my little Mission image with the lovely quote I received from @thevpub.  If you like this image feel free to post in on your page, print it and frame it…consider it an early Valentine from me to you.


VPub Quote
The C-Sweet Mission – to evoke a feeling of empathy & kindred spirit with my writing….

Goddess Oracle Card Reading

Ask, Seek, Knock…..

3 Card Spread Saturday Evening

Intention:  When I did the 7 Card Cross Spread the other night the message I received boiled down to “we’ve already told you you’re on the right track and everything you need to move forward is available to you.  My question Saturday night was to get more specific about what I need to do NEXT…..IMMEDIATELY.

I had put all of these different things in motion and sought immediate guidance for “What is the Most Critical Thing I Can Be Working on Today?

Using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards I pulled the following cards.

First Card:  essentially speaks to the back story of your question or situation

White Tara – sensitivity – 

message: “you are becoming increasingly sensitive.  avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

ordinarily I don’t write any interpretation especially when I’m sharing my own reading but in this case I must say that it made a whole lot of sense to me that something had driven me into my cocoon a few months back 

Second Card:  right now

Cordelia – go outside

message:  “You have been indoors too long.  go outside and get some fresh air.”

ya think? how did Cordelia know about the cocoon???

Third Card:  going forward

Athena – inner wisdom

message: “you know what to do.  trust your inner wisdom, and take appropriate action without delay.”

How Did I Get To Where I Am Right Now?

So I have all of these various things going on – all touched on in my CJ’s Unrealistic Goals for 2016 and on any given day I’m needing to dive into to one of the areas – the problem is that knowing myself (ADD hello) if write up a weekly schedule for myself and say ok, on this day I’ll do this and next day I’ll work on that….I’ll completely ignore my own list.  This is how I roll and what I’ve learned about myself in isolated moments of clarity is that I have so much more energy and get so much more done if I go with what I’m feeling at the moment.  That’s where it gets tricky because if I’m cocooning I’m purposely trying to avoid feeling and you can see how that ends up, right….I’m not in touch with those feelings about things I’m enthusiastic about so I’m enthused about shutting the world out and playing Mahjong Solitaire on my Kindle Fire.  Get the picture?

What I’m Doing About It Today

I hope this glimpse into the inner workings of my mind and the self-talk that goes on here isn’t scaring you because for me, it’s exciting when a bunch of thoughts, ideas, concepts come together and the first thing I want to do is sit  down and write about it so here we are.

In working with these oracle cards, listening regularly to guided meditation recordings, having a series of reiki sessions, reading, writing, and contemplating all of this I feel I can really relate to the messages I’m receiving – specifically messages about writing, creativity, helping others, teaching others, my level of intuition, and so forth, however, that stuff’s not putting food on the table or paying my cell phone bill at the moment, know what I mean?

What do I need to be doing today????  More self talk – “Seriously Cynde?  You know a planeload of cash isn’t going to dump thousand dollar bills onto your front lawn…you need to keep working at the things you’ve put in motion and be Patient.  

That “P” word and I have never been close friends but along my journey I’ve worked at it and so for today I took a soothing bath (essential oils I added were spearmint & eucalyptus btw) to just refresh and cleanse.  While soaking I listened to Lilian Eden’s guided meditation The View – Unleashing Your Greatness found on YouTube.  There’s the link, I’m not embedding it because it’s 30 minutes long, but I highly recommend it if you’re the slightest bit interested in guided meditation.

During the meditation part I did experience a number of very clear ideas about specific art & painting things to work on today so once I hit Publish I’m headed down to my studio to get started on exactly what came to mind during the meditation.  Of course, the fact that I’m on United States, Eastern Daylight Time, means that it’s nearly 3:00 in the afternoon and I should be thinking about what I’m making for dinner hasn’t completely escaped me but rather than letting the fact that I don’t now have the whole full day  be an excuse for procrastinating I’m going to work while I think about what to make, take a break to make it (and surely then it will also be time to open some wine), and then get back to the paints.  This, by the way is known as “Cynde Time” as in there are no clocks in my world….

You can bet that I’ll be sharing the results but for now I’m off to get started.

Aside: The Goddess Oracle Cards come with a guidebook that goes into the history of each of the goddesses and what she’s all about and the ways she can help you if you reach out to her.  I find that extremely interesting but not relevant to my primary intention in writing this for you today. Please do let me know if you’d like to hear more!!!!  




7 Card Cross Reading for Mid January


It’s been a while since I worked with my Oracle Tarot Cards and tonight I decided to put aside my Kindle Fire on which I play crazy find the hidden object games and listen to guided meditations on You Tube, and do a card reading for myself.

If you’re not familiar with oracle cards and angel cards and the difference between traditional tarot cards, I’ll not be delving into that here but it’s quite interesting if you’re inclined to check into it further.

So I grabbed my cards and handled them, breathed on them and held them to my heart to transfer my energy to the cards while shuffling them.  Then I focused on my question or situation which is:  What am I meant to do next in life job-wise as I’m currently job hunting.  In this piece I’ll tell you about what cards turned up and give the general idea of their meaning.  While I’m not going into detail about how the individual cards actually resonated with me and my current circumstances I will tell you that the reading I did tonight is consistent with the messaging I’ve been receiving since this past summer when I started using the cards and definitely relevant to my thoughts and feelings and behavior over the course.

After a brief:

I invite the presence of Loving Spirit to bring help and healing here.  May Divine love bless and inform us.  May inspiration guide this experience, bring wisdom to my heart and mind, and bring blessings and guidance to all.  Amen

The deck I used for this reading is Sandra Ann Taylor’s Energy Oracle Cards.

On to the 7 Card Cross spread in which the cards represent:

  • Cards 1 and 2 – the Past – first long ago and second more recent past
  • Cards 3 and 4 – crossed – representing the situation or me/the subject of the reading and the crossed card, the challenges present at this time
  • Cards 5, 6 and 7 representing movement from the present to the future – first, the initial steps, second more information on the process and future potential, and last, the ultimate outcome

And here is what turned up for me tonight!

Card 1 – #38 – 4th Chakra (Heart) – Archangel Raphael

Greater readiness to receive love from others as well as from yourself or much needed healing from a previous broken heart is taking place.  Love, Compassion, Self-Acceptance

Card 2 – #45 – Man Holding a Heart

The presence of a new man in your life who brings a high intention to help where personal projects, family, or home issues are concerned.  Emotional Peace

img_4942Card 3 – #41 – 7th Chakra (Crown) – Archangel Uriel

A time of great intuition for you and guidance from your higher awareness.  Spirit Connections, Intuition & Inspiration

Card 4 – #18 – Anxiety

Release the worry you’ve been carrying and let yourself relax.  Worry or Distress

Card 5 – #49 – Angel of Love – Reversed

The Universe is waiting for you to free your heart and open your life to the fully present and honoring love you deserve. Tender Connections

Card 6 – #51 – Healer of the Ages – Reversed

You’ve been feeling extremely out of sorts or even upside down in your life.  It’s time to address deeper levels of healing whether they be mental, emotional, physical or even addictive patterns.  Health & Vitality

Card 7 – #3 – Blossoming Abundance 

The Universe is blessing you and helping the fruits of your labor to blossom.  Increasing Wealth & Value

So that’s what the cards said to me tonight.

In the words of my dear friend Lou C. “Bang”

If you have questions about how I became interested in these oracle cards and how I did my reading tonight, or if you’d like me to do a reading for you please comment on this post or send me a private message.  You’ll find my email address on my Contact Page.