Meditation Monday – Affirmations

Need a jump start on creating your own affirmations? Look no further…

After listening to my February 13, 2017 Daily Focus message (Tarot by Tilly on YouTube) I felt moved to do an Energy Oracle card reading for myself.  First lighting a candle, gathering some crystals, and channeling the archangels and other spirit guides–

Crystals for Today:  Malachite, Sodalite, Turquoise, Selenite

Archangels: Raphael, Gabriel, Jeremiel, Zadkiel, Sadalphon, Haniel & Michael

Spread:  7 Card (Celtic) Cross


  1. 3rd Chakra – Archangel Chamuel – Life force is OPEN – #37 (1)
  2. The World – A world of possibilities – #29 (2)
  3. Man Holding Coin – Determine your own destiny – #43 (7)
  4. Journey – Exciting & inspiring adventures ahead – #2
  5. Goddess of the Moon  – Light of INSPIRATION – #52 (7)
  6. Strategy – Being more than acting at this time – #21 (3)
  7. Healer of the Ages – Important healing taking place – #51 (6)

The #50 card, Angel of Strength, flipped while I was shuffling and I saved her for last….Speak your truth and take action.  Yeah!

So here are the affirmations that go along with today’s cards.  I thought it would make a nice meditation for all of us.

My third chakra is open to its perfect healthy state. I radiate bright & vibrant life-force energy.  I feel excitement for all that I do.


My life expands into boundless horizons with unlimited, powerful energy.  A world of possibilities is open to me now.


I determine my own destiny.  I take financial action and am receiving wonderful assistance from those around me. 


I am attracting wonderful new adventures to me.  My life is a blessing – taking me to new places inside & out.


I have a strong intuitive voice.  I freely receive guidance and I understand and trust the messages I receive.


I am open to understanding the cycle I am in, and I am willing to utilize its energy beneficially.  All that I need is already part of me.


The powerful healing of eternal love is with me now and always.  Divine consciousness fills every cell.  I am whole, healthy, vital, and at peace.  Thank you Jesus!


Deep within me is an abiding strength that knows no bounds.  I have all the power I need to achieve all that I want.  



W is for Whispers of Love Oracle Cards

How do I love me? Let me count the ways……..

W is also for Wednesday

W is for Wednesday and it felt to good to get back to posting a card reading for Tarot Tuesday, I decided to pull a card for Wednesday from my Whispers of Love” oracle cards deck by Angela Hartfield which are easily found on (click the link above to check them out and order)

Today’s Card

I shuffled the deck with the intention of drawing a card representing a message to those of us being guided to pay more attention to self-care and loving ourselves and I pulled:

#50 Consider Your Foundation

“You are being asked to look at how committed you are to love”

From the accompanying guidebook:

“Love means to commit without guarantees.  We give ourselves completely in the hope that love will be the lasting result.  Love is an act of faith.  Surround yourself with love and know that your life will be better for it.”

Well, there’s a whole lot more to be said about surrounding yourself with love but it boils down to  the fact that it all starts with loving and respecting yourself. Because here’s the thing, if you don’t love and respect yourself that’s the energy you put out into the world.  If you allow others to treat you like a doormat it’s an open invitation for more people to treat you that way.  Don’t do that!  Put out the vibe that you care for and respect yourself – mind, body and spirit and don’t settle for anyone not willing to do the same.  If you dream of being cherish-behave as though You cherish yourself.

Do you assume you cherish yourself?  Have you ever stopped and thought about it?  Do you let people get away with saying or doing things to you because you want them to like you or you don’t want them to think you’re high maintenance?  Do you refrain from stating your preferences: white wine, romantic comedies, seafood restaurant, visiting a museum vs. hiking up a mountain, and always let others do the picking?  Do you rearrange any of your plans related to good self-care (going to the gym, taking a walk, going to Mass, having a massage, taking a nap, grabbing some alone time, to accommodate others because you want them to think you’re “nice”?  Be nice to yourself first; it’s not selfish, it’s self-care.

By the Numbers

I include the meaning of the number when using a numbered card deck and this one ties in nicely.  Number 50 gets reduced to a 5 (5+0=5) and five’s come up a lot when people need to take a more spiritual or intuitive look at a problem they are facing rather than depending solely on intellect or what they “think” they “should” do etc. Five means a need to look honestly into a situation and seek one’s higher guidance and not merely what one wants to hear. 

Lather. Rinse. Repeat……..

Namaste, Bright Blessings & Much Love


What’s in the (Oracle) Cards Today?

Crazy how difficult it can be to ask for help, isn’t it?


Yes, I pulled these cards for a reading yesterday, on Tarot Tuesday but I’m not pretending I wrote this up yesterday and never hit publish.  I’m coming clean with my procrastination/perfection issue (yet again) and moving forward…..

The Cards

Before drawing these cards from the Archangel Deck (Doreen Virtue), I asked my angels and guides for a specific message for that day and here’s what they sent me for a 3 card spread (the history, the current, the ongoing) in which I added cards from the “Whispers of Love” deck–

The Reading

I)  Indigo and Crystal Children – Archangel Metatron:  “You have a bond with children.  In particular, you can help children who are sensitive.”   For me personally, this message is reaffirmation that my most important role in life right now is Mother, and my children and their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being remains my top priority.

The Whispers deck gave up the “Ask for Help”, #14 card: “What is it you really need help with?  Be willing to allow yourself the support you need.”  This question may not be all that easy to answer, right?  If you knew exactly what it was you should be asking for it’d be a lot easier to ask for the right help at the right time.

II) Spread your Wings! – Archangel Ariel: “Do not hold back right now.  The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!” The thing I’ve been drawn to working on the most these days is my art – I’ve been painting every chance I get, nearly every day if not every day – and I find that if I make time for creative endeavors it energizes me to take care of the rest of the things that need my attention. I’ve been quite prolific over the past couple of days with what I’m calling my Easter 2016 Series, consisting of angel paintings, one of Jesus on the cross (very abstract) and the latest I finished last night with a Sacred Heart of Jesus theme.

From the Whispers deck:  “Choose Love”, #21 card: “You always have a choice as to what you should do.”  I couldn’t agree more!  Many times we feel backed into a corner but we always have options, particularly options about how to react to situations which often dictates our overall frame of mind and the things we do about whatever it is we’re facing.

III) Hello from Heaven – Archangel Azrael: “Your loved ones in Heaven are doing fine.  Let go of worries, and feel their loving blessings.” This one made me cry – I really felt it – have been thinking about my recently passed away godfather/uncle (it’s been 6 months!!!) and the fact that I’m still in a state of somewhat disbelief that he’s gone. Actually, just the “Hello from Heaven” was a really welcome message on this day.

Whispers then told me: “Love Who You Are”, #8 card: “You are a Divine and wonderful person deserving all of the wonderful things that life has to offer.” Bottom line (for me):  KEEP THE FAITH!

Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Sacred Heart of Jesus




ADD Ramble About Last Thursday

It was the day after I did my webinar….that’s usually a sigh of relief day and this one was no different.  I woke up about the usual time and interacted with the kids as they got themselves ready for school….bless their little hearts, they do that all by themselves since back in the day when Mom had already left for work by the time they got out of bed….

Before going downstairs to drink my hot water, lemon slice, apple cider vinegar elixir I shuffled around with my Archangel Oracle Card deck and pulled a card….got called downstairs for something ….got involved in something else – dust busting around my Boston Fern Project, replied to an email, thought about calling two of my mentors to update them on the career front, my latest art work-in-progress caught my eye and I decided to work on that for a little while then commence recruiting activities….went back upstairs for my phone and headset and remembered I’d drawn the Archangel card….I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…this is an actual ADD morning in my life….Yes I drank my elixir, yes I chased it with a black coffee, yes I painted for a while, no, I didn’t get much recruiting done and I can’t recall what exactly got me off that track but here I am to tell you about that card….

I started out very focused and asked the archangels to let me know the most important thing I should focus on for the day and Archangel Sandalphon exclaims “Victory!  Your prayers have been heard and answered.  Have faith.”

“You deserve this time of victory.  Your unwavering focus and dedicating have resulted in blissful manifestation.  Peace and pleasant feelings are your right now.  (Hello!)  Let your focus be on this present moment, and savor each feeling and experience fully.  Know that the future is taken care of in a positive way as you allow yourself to enjoy the present moment.  Feel good about who you are and know that your success benefits others…..

Um, excuse me Archangel Sandalphon…Citibank has been calling and they’d like to know exactly how my success is going to benefit them in the form of a payment….

Background on working with Archangel Sandalphon – helps you speak your truth openly in a way that benefits everyone.  He assists you in living in integrity with your spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing and manifestation fully awakened.

I went a step further and consulting my Angel Numbers Guide about a number from my past that I’ve begun using lately. Without going into detail about my specific number I wanted to tell you that the meaning is that I am being assisted in staying positive in my endeavors and supported by God and the ascended masters in confidently following my dreams.  The particular number combo reduces to the number 7 which tells me that I’m on the right path and the outcome will exceed my expectations.  As well, the #7 is a sign that Divine magic is supporting me and opening doors of opportunity….well as my previous post indicated, I’m getting inquiries related to work opportunities that I never even solicited….people are finding me based on the information and the energy I’ve put out there about myself and what I do….These things are coming full circle.  I don’t know about you but I’m very excited about what the future holds….Thank you Archangel Sandalphon!

Tarot Tuesday: Man Holding A Heart

He’s ba-a-a-a-ck..


This guy keeps turning up in my readings….I feel like I should be sending him birthday cards or something…

The other day I pulled a card from my Energy Oracle Cards deck by Sandra Anne Taylor and who turned up again but this #45 card “Man Holding Heart”

The messages for this deck are on the skimpy side and for this one:

  • signals greater clarity about emotions and their purpose in your life; more balanced approach to family and love (if a man is the subject of the reading)
  • presence of a new man in your life who tends to be more thoughtful and aware – whether or not this man is a love interest or a friend, he brings a high intention to help where personal projects, family, or home issues are concerned

As for the card number – 45*

  • The angels are helping you through a positive life change

45 reduces to 9 (4 + 5 = 9)*

  • Get to work, Lightworker–now!  The number 9 means that you’ve completed all of the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose.   Stop procrastinating, as it’s time to start taking action steps.  Even baby steps are useful

*From Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 available on along with the Energy Oracle Cards.

Even though the man holding the heart has turned up several times for me already I’ve never gone the next step and consulted the Angel Number book about #45 – so there you have it – another instance of the same guidance coming to me in reading after reading.


Tarot Tuesday for Jan 26, 2016

Please Disregard Date Stamp

My mystical powers fall short of being able to schedule this post for publishing yesterday, a Tuesday LOL, but in the interest if keeping it moving I did this reading last night and didn’t want to wait a week to share…this is known as “Cynde Time” by the way.

(An aside, I can’t help myself ok?…..the day and time of the week for the most views to my blog is Wednesday a.m. however my views are really low today while everyone is posting like gangbusters so I know my peeps are around….not a gripe, just interesting how this all works and I AM paying attention)

One Mother Mary Card

In pulling one card, I first think about a particular thing that I want information or guidance about.  Last night I chose my Mary, Queen of Angels  deck and I wanted to know about the most important thing to focus on for today.

Mother Mary says “Love is the Answer to All of Your Questions”….When you pray for love to heal your situation, God sends angels to your side.  Use only loving words to think, speak and write. Surround yourself with the highest energy possible to witness miraculous healing, discover new opportunities, and wonderful relationships. 

Thank you Holy Mother!

519frmnchil-_ac_sr9895_13 Card Archangel Oracle Cards Spread

Focusing once again on a particular situation the cards are pulled as follows:

  1. the Origin of the situation – Archangel Jophiel says “Clear Your Space”  Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you, and use feng shui.  CLUTTER can erode energy, creativity and prosperity (don’t I know it!!) Fresh Air~Open Windows~Donate~Recycle~Discard  The color associated with A. Jophiel is deep rose pink and the crystal pink rubellite.
  2. the Truth of the situation – Archangel Gabriel says “Leadership” It’s time for you to assume leadership power and position to lovingly guide others.  Inspire~Motivate~Serve~Help~Teach  Be a living example of following one’s Divine Guidance.  The color associated with A. Gabriel is copper and the crystal citrine.
  3. the Outcome of the situation –  Archangel Azrael says “Comfort” I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.  Color associated with A. Azrael is vanilla cream/pale yellow and crystal creamy yellow calcite.

Essential Oil:  Purification

I also have a page dedicated to essential oils by Young Living which I use regularly and which are available through me if you’re interested in checking out my Essential Oils page.  As mentioned on that page I’m not hawking the oils but when I ordered mine I ordered the full starter kit as a wholesale buyer and that automatically sets me up to sell to others and earn a portion if I wish to do so.  (I mention for the sake of transparency and full disclosure) but I will tell you that if I write about something in this much detail it’s because I love it, use it and think it’s so cool that others would definitely enjoy it as much as I do, kwim?

Anyway the oil I diffused last night was a mixture by Young Living  called Purification.  I love that – Purification – and I might have chosen this one if I’d gone into my box of oils but this one happened to be sitting on my nightstand.  I love when things work out this way.  So the  Purification mix when diffused creates a sweet refreshing scent that’s meant to “deodorize and neutralize the air”.  The oils in the mix are:

  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Tea Tree
  • Myrtle
  • Citronella
  • Lavandin* not a misspelling – lavandin is another variety of lavender Lavandula Intermedia

Young Living Rose Shaped DiffuserWhat To Do With The Oils

The diffuser I have came with the kit I bought that came with a large variety of different oils including most of the ones I would have ordered individually–it was a great deal–I use the diffuser all of the time and have tried most, if not all, of the oils that came with the package.  End of pitch!

Goddess Oracle Card Reading

Ask, Seek, Knock…..

3 Card Spread Saturday Evening

Intention:  When I did the 7 Card Cross Spread the other night the message I received boiled down to “we’ve already told you you’re on the right track and everything you need to move forward is available to you.  My question Saturday night was to get more specific about what I need to do NEXT…..IMMEDIATELY.

I had put all of these different things in motion and sought immediate guidance for “What is the Most Critical Thing I Can Be Working on Today?

Using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards I pulled the following cards.

First Card:  essentially speaks to the back story of your question or situation

White Tara – sensitivity – 

message: “you are becoming increasingly sensitive.  avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

ordinarily I don’t write any interpretation especially when I’m sharing my own reading but in this case I must say that it made a whole lot of sense to me that something had driven me into my cocoon a few months back 

Second Card:  right now

Cordelia – go outside

message:  “You have been indoors too long.  go outside and get some fresh air.”

ya think? how did Cordelia know about the cocoon???

Third Card:  going forward

Athena – inner wisdom

message: “you know what to do.  trust your inner wisdom, and take appropriate action without delay.”

How Did I Get To Where I Am Right Now?

So I have all of these various things going on – all touched on in my CJ’s Unrealistic Goals for 2016 and on any given day I’m needing to dive into to one of the areas – the problem is that knowing myself (ADD hello) if write up a weekly schedule for myself and say ok, on this day I’ll do this and next day I’ll work on that….I’ll completely ignore my own list.  This is how I roll and what I’ve learned about myself in isolated moments of clarity is that I have so much more energy and get so much more done if I go with what I’m feeling at the moment.  That’s where it gets tricky because if I’m cocooning I’m purposely trying to avoid feeling and you can see how that ends up, right….I’m not in touch with those feelings about things I’m enthusiastic about so I’m enthused about shutting the world out and playing Mahjong Solitaire on my Kindle Fire.  Get the picture?

What I’m Doing About It Today

I hope this glimpse into the inner workings of my mind and the self-talk that goes on here isn’t scaring you because for me, it’s exciting when a bunch of thoughts, ideas, concepts come together and the first thing I want to do is sit  down and write about it so here we are.

In working with these oracle cards, listening regularly to guided meditation recordings, having a series of reiki sessions, reading, writing, and contemplating all of this I feel I can really relate to the messages I’m receiving – specifically messages about writing, creativity, helping others, teaching others, my level of intuition, and so forth, however, that stuff’s not putting food on the table or paying my cell phone bill at the moment, know what I mean?

What do I need to be doing today????  More self talk – “Seriously Cynde?  You know a planeload of cash isn’t going to dump thousand dollar bills onto your front lawn…you need to keep working at the things you’ve put in motion and be Patient.  

That “P” word and I have never been close friends but along my journey I’ve worked at it and so for today I took a soothing bath (essential oils I added were spearmint & eucalyptus btw) to just refresh and cleanse.  While soaking I listened to Lilian Eden’s guided meditation The View – Unleashing Your Greatness found on YouTube.  There’s the link, I’m not embedding it because it’s 30 minutes long, but I highly recommend it if you’re the slightest bit interested in guided meditation.

During the meditation part I did experience a number of very clear ideas about specific art & painting things to work on today so once I hit Publish I’m headed down to my studio to get started on exactly what came to mind during the meditation.  Of course, the fact that I’m on United States, Eastern Daylight Time, means that it’s nearly 3:00 in the afternoon and I should be thinking about what I’m making for dinner hasn’t completely escaped me but rather than letting the fact that I don’t now have the whole full day  be an excuse for procrastinating I’m going to work while I think about what to make, take a break to make it (and surely then it will also be time to open some wine), and then get back to the paints.  This, by the way is known as “Cynde Time” as in there are no clocks in my world….

You can bet that I’ll be sharing the results but for now I’m off to get started.

Aside: The Goddess Oracle Cards come with a guidebook that goes into the history of each of the goddesses and what she’s all about and the ways she can help you if you reach out to her.  I find that extremely interesting but not relevant to my primary intention in writing this for you today. Please do let me know if you’d like to hear more!!!!