Tarot Tuesday

Weekly Feature:  Tarot Tuesday

To fit my random pulling of oracle cards in with an overall scheme of things here at The C-Sweet, I’m initiating Tarot Tuesday as a weekly feature.  I work exclusively with a version of tarot cards known as oracle cards that are not connected to the occult, witchcraft, or anything remotely evil or menacing.  I started working with the oracle cards as a way to tune in to guidance coming from my guardian angel and other angels and guides.   So even though I’m using the T-word (tarot) this is all about positivity and being uplifting and supportive.

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Previous Oracle Card Posts

I’m notorious (ok, in my own mind I know I’m notorious) for going back in to edit my posts after they’re published and I’ll go back and tag previous oracle card posts with “Tarot Tuesday” to pull them in to this feature thing.

Where Did I Find Oracle Cards

Big fan of Amazon Prime here….me and my husband both….order so often and Amazon Prime saves us big time on shipping plus I just discovered that wonderful feature of all kinds of video available – movies, tv shows, the whole deal….but I digress.

I made up a separate page CJ’s Favorite Things to tell you more about, oh you’re too clever, my favorite things…no seriously, specifically the things I mention in my posts that I happened to acquire via Amazon.com.  I am, at the moment at least, an “Amazon Associate” and so may receive some compensation from them if you follow the link on my page and happen to order the item I’ve recommended.

As always, please do let me know your thoughts and ask me about this if you’re interested in hearing more.  Comments are open or you can email me directly, or connect with me on Facebook The C-Sweet to start a separate conversation.

In the meantime, I wish you bright blessings today and every day!!




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