As The Potomac Falls

OCP Head Shot

Hi, I’m Cynde aka CJ.  Thanks for visiting this page to learn more about me and my blog.

In the past, friends referred to my life at times as  a REALITY TV SHOW, hence the name of my blog  As the Potomac Falls.  Now while I live in a Washington DC suburb called Potomac Falls, I’m not necessarily telling stories here about my neighbors.  This is more about insights from the ups and downs of my life and lessons learned through a life and career working at a chemical plant, a university, in the natural gas distribution industry; in financial services and insurance, as a headhunter and corporate recruiter and teaching at the university level, all beginning with my very first job in wonderful world of fast food.  (Thank you Colonel Sanders for giving me my first big break working at Gino’s back in the day.)

At some point while all that was going on I married a rocket scientist, became a mom, quit my full-time job to make art, and managed a travel soccer team.  So my writing is a mixture of these things, different combinations on different days, when I tell you about people and situations and things I encounter on my path through life and how I perceive them, usually presented as a rant or a rave.

VPub Quote.pngNow, if you’ve read a post or two of mine you know that I write at times with a bit of an edge but I’m not a hater or a complainer or a pessimist.  I think of myself as someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a serious issue with those who do.  There are things I care passionately about but I won’t be trying to jam them down your throat.  No, the things I pull out of my life to write about are typically the things that make us all in this together and do no harm.   That sounds like it’s mostly inspirational writing and it is sometimes, but from the standpoint of focusing on the part of the glass that’s half full and blowing past those bumps in the road that everyone goes through but when it’s you it feels like the end of the world and sprinkled with my sarcasm to make you smile while I suggest how you could be better living your life….

For my real serious, trying to keep  straight face now, professional bio you can check here CJ on LinkedIn

To see some of the art I made when I just couldn’t stop the creative juices from bursting forth you can look here  CJ’s Art Portfolio


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