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From the C-Sweet 

This handle of mine, the C-Sweet, was given to me by former students of mine at Georgetown.  I loved it…As an MBA working as a consultant in a large, well-known firm I liked the allusion to the C-Suite, generally considered the most important and influential individuals at a company…the Chiefs, if you will:  Executive, Financial, Technology, Human Capital, Creative, and so forth.  But I really loved that my students were calling me SWEET  and of course, the play on words….love the play on words using my first initial–you get the idea.

Inspiration for my writing comes from my many roles as a professional person in the business world, as an educator, as a soccer mom, and as just me.  As I progressed in my career and in life I was pleasantly surprised that people I knew considered me a really smart, savvy, together kind of person who was energetic and passionate about the things she involved herself with, and who could pull that off with perfect nails, not a hair out of place, and wearing a really sharp outfit.

What surprised me is that behind the scenes I viewed myself as a screaming Mimi going 150 miles per hour, thinking on my feet and usually flying by the seat of my pants who viewed her life as equal parts circus, magic act and zoo.  All the while I was juggling things I’d think about the phrase “having it all” and realized early on that yeah, you could pretty much have it all over the course of your life but you’re crazy if you think it all happens at the same time.   I further realized after having my second child that I’d become the suburb-dwelling, yoga-practicing, chardonnay-swilling, minivan-driving, OBX-vacationing, Target-shopping soccer mom scrapbooker  always looking to lose a few pounds that I used to view with pity thinking “that’ll  never be me!”  And so it was.

I’ve since left that shark pool known as “the Big Four”and I ditched that minivan a while back too.  Now I think of myself as a semi-retired wife, mother, recruiter, artist, wanna be writer just trying to do my best every single day.  And so it is.