The One & Only Post for 2018

I’ve got to be honest here. I’ve been an on-again, off-again blogger for 12 years. No kidding, 2 years of random rants and raves I’ve sent off into the blogosphere for all eternity. No so much life changing for anyone but fun for me sometimes.

Not one to leave unfinished business I decided to hop on here today to tidy things up as I move into the rebranding and new website for my consulting company “The C Suite Solution”. Through the years I’ve gone back and forth in my head about what this personal blog of mine should be about and it’s always just been my current stream of consciousness if I was inclined to share on a given day. This blog “From the C Sweet” will remain so and I’ll probably write more often now that I’ve decided on the different buckets I’ll be using and what goes in each, LOL. Talk about a long decision-making exercise, no?

This doesn’t seem all that interesting but I felt the need to explain what’s going on over here and really didn’t consider just shutting the whole business down. So I’ll be quick with the rest of this story.

Another bucket I’ll be using is a new blog about my experience as an entrepreneur starting a business out of thin air and the change out of the ashtray in my car. Lastly, I’ll do my business advisory & consulting thing on my soon to be launched new company website: THE C SUITE SOLUTION.

That’s the story – this is what it is right now.


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