Only The Shadow Knows

It was a dark and stormy night…..just kidding….

How This Thing Started

My good and dear and besty, bestest friend Annette has lately been spending considerable time going through old photos and other memorabilia. Given our extensive history together let’s just say she’s unearthing some rather choice items from her archives.  Annette has the very best sense of humor and she likes to share…

The Photo in Question

It’s from her wedding.  I could pinpoint the year for you but let’s just call it the height of “The 80’s” which you will see from this photo taken just before the ceremony started…


The Note (Verbatim)

“Sweetie,  Not sure what there is to say about this photo except that we don’t want it to get into the wrong hands.  (I seem to remember you saying that you were giving your daughter fashion advice.  Don’t get me wrong, you look lovely.  It’s the hair.) ♥ A”

Annette’s cute, isn’t she?

The Hair

I have to admit my first inclination when I saw this photo was to call up my cousin Susan, who used to style my hair, and ask her what she had on her mind at that time-to send me out into the world with my permed hair that BIG!  and that DARK!?!  But wait, this gets better.  Please understand that that sweet Annette had just had cataract surgeries and so her vision was a bit, how to put it nicely? …Off?  Yess.  Off.

The Ensuing Text Exchange


  That’s what friends are for!

If You’ve Just Had Cataract Surgery as Well

Here’s an enlargement of the photo in which I point out where my hair (clearly) ends and the shadow begins as well as some other commentary about outfits.


And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

(My apologies to Susan, she always did a fabulous job on my hair.  She actually first did my hair when we were little girls playing hairdresser and then did my hair for years until I moved away to Virginia.  Love ya Cuzzie! ♥)


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