W is for Whispers of Love Oracle Cards

W is also for Wednesday

W is for Wednesday and it felt to good to get back to posting a card reading for Tarot Tuesday, I decided to pull a card for Wednesday from my Whispers of Love” oracle cards deck by Angela Hartfield which are easily found on Amazon.com (click the link above to check them out and order)

Today’s Card

I shuffled the deck with the intention of drawing a card representing a message to those of us being guided to pay more attention to self-care and loving ourselves and I pulled:

#50 Consider Your Foundation

“You are being asked to look at how committed you are to love”

From the accompanying guidebook:

“Love means to commit without guarantees.  We give ourselves completely in the hope that love will be the lasting result.  Love is an act of faith.  Surround yourself with love and know that your life will be better for it.”

Well, there’s a whole lot more to be said about surrounding yourself with love but it boils down to  the fact that it all starts with loving and respecting yourself. Because here’s the thing, if you don’t love and respect yourself that’s the energy you put out into the world.  If you allow others to treat you like a doormat it’s an open invitation for more people to treat you that way.  Don’t do that!  Put out the vibe that you care for and respect yourself – mind, body and spirit and don’t settle for anyone not willing to do the same.  If you dream of being cherish-behave as though You cherish yourself.

Do you assume you cherish yourself?  Have you ever stopped and thought about it?  Do you let people get away with saying or doing things to you because you want them to like you or you don’t want them to think you’re high maintenance?  Do you refrain from stating your preferences: white wine, romantic comedies, seafood restaurant, visiting a museum vs. hiking up a mountain, and always let others do the picking?  Do you rearrange any of your plans related to good self-care (going to the gym, taking a walk, going to Mass, having a massage, taking a nap, grabbing some alone time, to accommodate others because you want them to think you’re “nice”?  Be nice to yourself first; it’s not selfish, it’s self-care.

By the Numbers

I include the meaning of the number when using a numbered card deck and this one ties in nicely.  Number 50 gets reduced to a 5 (5+0=5) and five’s come up a lot when people need to take a more spiritual or intuitive look at a problem they are facing rather than depending solely on intellect or what they “think” they “should” do etc. Five means a need to look honestly into a situation and seek one’s higher guidance and not merely what one wants to hear. 

Lather. Rinse. Repeat……..

Namaste, Bright Blessings & Much Love



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