Can’t Give It Away

On Following Up

For those of you who are salespeople, marketers, networkers –anyone trying to get others interested in what you’re selling or promoting or maybe a charity you’re supporting you know about the need to make contact and then follow up.  Many have written on this topic and it’s not my attention here to add to that body of work here but you know me, I like to share my experiences.

What I Was Giving Away

Food.  Not a free lunch, a free dinner.  My family’s been getting Hello Fresh for 3 weeks now and had the opportunity to give away a free meal to 4 friends so they could try it.  The names and email addresses were submitted at the start of this week and as of the end of the week no one had claimed their meal.

And the Point Is

No the point isn’t that I have a bunch of ungrateful, unappreciative friends.  Actually, it turns out that they probably never got the email.  The point is that it just made me think that we’re all so busy that often we don’t get to the things that we’re actually interested in and wanting to do.  Think about how many things pass before your eyes or through your fingers that you mean to address at the next possible opportunity–and never get around to it.

What I’m Trying To Say

My point is to suggest that many of us (me included and I remind myself often) need to take periodic time outs to breathe.  And then after we breathe we can take just 15 minutes and get one or more little things that we’ve been meaning to attend to, take care of, clear out, drop off, put in the mail–DONE.  How many of those things do you have hanging around?  What would it feel like to get one or more checked off this list?  I know I feel a little bit liberated, a bit more unencumbered, back in charge.

Back to the Sales Reference

The initial connection I made about this was that often we who are selling, promoting, soliciting have to talk ourselves into following up because we don’t want to appear pushy or imposing.  My point is that the threshold for being pushing or imposing on others is often much higher than we’re imagining or, in my own case, overthinking it.

I guess it all comes back to the concept of being present, being in the moment and just reaching out to follow up, getting a few little things done, or simply giving away a little kindness each day.

What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear from you, even if you’re just curious about our Hello Fresh experience!

And for those who enjoy a musical association with a topic I give you the RHCP


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