Today is the First Day

What is this thing called L….I…..F……E?

Sometimes it’s fun to do a word association by making note of anything that pops into your head with a particular word or version of a particular word.  Like this–

Get a life!

Live your life!

You only get 1 life to live!

Change your life!

Reform your life!

Transform your life!

Save a life!

Give the gift of life!

Life begins at conception.

What Does It Mean?

And then you ask yourself, “What does it all mean, this thing called life? Can I really make a difference in anyone’s life?  in my own life?  Why am I not doing it?  Am I afraid to try?  What am I really afraid of?  What’s my true life purpose?  Wait, I hear a tiny voice that’s getting louder and LOUDER, and it’s saying,

“Look for the answer WITHIN yourself!”

Just Keep Swimming!

Wow–I’ve been scared, frightened to death really–positively CLUELESS abut why I haven’t been doing  the things I KNOW I NEED to get where I want to go.  Anyone else feel that way?  Now or in the past?  It scares you even more when you get as far as realizing you’re in the grip of something but you haven’t yet identified it.

What is this something?  Is it depression?  Mid-life crisis? An epiphany in the making?

What I think is that it’s a mixture of these and other things that’s unique to each person experiencing it.  So what happens on breakthrough day?  Does it suddenly become easier?

No, it doesn’t.  It’s not like that; not like flipping a switch.  What it does mean is that you’ve been pushing further each day and you’ve finally taken yourself just far enough out of “it” to find firm footing on THE OTHER SIDE OF IT. So now what?

Here’s What

  1. Believe all the good stuff–the positive affirmations, motivational speeches, guided meditations, all of it!
  2. Believe in YOURSELF!

  3. Go For It!


  5. Yes, you DO!

Won’t you please leave some comments to let us all know where you are and how it’s all turning out?






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