Where Does The Time Go?

It’s been 11 days since my last post….11 days….nearly two weeks the way I look at it.  What on earth has been going on that knocked me for a non-blogging loop?

Let’s see?  I had a webinar go live last week and while my slide presentation was prepared and submitted WELL in advance, I had to take the time to deliver the goods, so to speak.  I was also the fortunate recipient of two other pieces of relevant business to dive into…some recruiting and some training delivery.  Definite on the recruiting, proposed on the training.  And there was a soccer tournament over the weekend.

So any progress I’d made getting my voice back was set back some over the weekend because while I refrained from cheering the girls on (or the dreaded coaching from the sidelines) I did spend a fair amount of time talking to the parents of my daughter’s teammates who are a lovely group of people and such fun to hang out with….also pushed forward on a commission for a large cityscape of the capital city of someone’s home country…..working the crowd, always working the crowd…..

We won’t get into the results of the soccer tourney – suffice it to say our girls are just getting their feet wet in the 11 v 11 arena and made some good progress from the first game to the third.  I was proud of them and the coaches were pleased as well.  ‘Nuff said there.

There was a 3rd possible work opportunity that I didn’t give my thought to –relegating it to the “I’ll believe it when I see it” file; that today burst forth with an invitation to interview tomorrow that I’ve accepted. When it rains it pours…just like that little Morton Salt girl has always told us…remember her?

.Morton Salt Girl

 All this going on after much sowing of seeds, mindful meditation, networking, sending out resumes, just being out there as a voice in my chosen profession (career coaching, recruiting, training in case you’re confused about which profession it is to which I refer.)

Ok, enough of that…I have an oracle card reading that I want to write about before I go and also want to acknowledge that I’m far in arrears as far as reading and commenting on the things my fellow bloggers have been up to and writing about….it’s on my radar, trust me.

P.S.  On an ADD note where I have to throw in something random yet tangentially related…..when I was in 1st grade…back in the day when different brands offered branded merchandise to be had by mailing in a few labels, maybe with a few dollars plus the nominal cost of shipping…my mother obtained for moi a Morton Salt Girl UMBRELLA….it was mostly clear with bright yellow trim and the best part was that the handle was a yellow Morton Salt Girl!!!!  Too many years ago to mention but I still remember that umbrella…..Thanks Mom!!!!

You thought I was lying, right?  I found a pic of the umbrella handle girl…..I had one of those umbrellas back in the day…ok, that’s a little overboard with the excitement about the first umbrella….I’m done – thank you!



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