Moody Mood Mood Rings

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Hilarious….although my husband has bought me plenty of diamonds, it wouldn’t be him I’d be hitting….I could think of a few other people I’d love to smack upside the head….

My History with Mood Rings

I wrote a piece four years ago in which I mentioned mood ring and it drew more traffic/views than anything I’d written up to that point.  Finding this quite amusing and being the queen of the self-ping-back (always when it’s relevant) I wrote subsequent pieces mentioning the mood ring…again always relevant, LOL….

The first one was when I in what I described as a “Moody Mood” and I even put in a little poll for my readers to take (no one did, blast them!) about naming your moods….there’s still time to participate if anyone’s feeling moody enough….

Then, once I discovered how many times that post popped up in searches and drove the seeker to my post I took the next opp to mention mood rings again, Mood Nail Polish? .

A year later I mentioned again the phenom of how A Mood Ring Post brings me viewers – this time the focus was on the whole $2 that piece helped me earn that month.

Seems like this was becoming an annual thing because in August 2013 we were on a family vacation and My Daughter Bought A Mood Ring so I had to write about that because this mood ring was in the shape of a Moustache which, at that time was the big rage…for what reason I don’t know but you can read about that in the post.

So here we are today, a little over a year later but not by far and my dear friend from way back in high school, P.C.C., posts this bit about the mood ring on Facebook.

Mood rings….it’s just one of my things I guess.



    • Thanks for noticing….I know, right…I go in waves….hard for my ADD mind to settle into a flow that includes a little of everything on a day in, day out, week in, week out basis. Seriously, thanks for noticing….some good things are happening as far as business opps….soccer tourney over the weekend took that time away…and so it goes. I’m here, gearing up for another flurry of posts like I always do….you really did just make my day with this message….thank you Jason!!! <3

  1. You made $2? That’s great. Blogging only every seems to cost me time and money. I tried your poll, but although I don’t have a particular name for my moods, I didn’t want to be rude and choose the wtf option, so I improvised.

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