Tarot on Friday

I’ve been remiss.  After starting up my Tarot Tuesday I missed the mark a couple of times.  (aka Cynde Time)

So here’s a card that you probably could have waited a bit longer for but alas, the cards come to me I don’t hand pick the cards.

Three of Air

The three of air card from the Angel Tarot Card deck is represented with two horses and their foal in sort of a protective posture.  They’re standing amongst trees and in the shade although there’s some light coming through and fresh growth on the branches.

The three of air represents Great Sadness and the need to heal particularly in the area of relationships, romantic or otherwise.  A key point about this card is the message about forgiveness – either yourself or others, or both.  This got me thinking about the grieving process and disappointment in relationships and that need for forgiveness to truly achieve that healing.

Many times when we’re disappointed in a relationship, hurt really badly, we want to demonize the other person.  Ok, maybe they deserve to be labeled demonic but on the other hand what if it’s a matter of it being time to move on.  How often do we hang onto something that we know deep down isn’t right for us because it’s what we’ve got and we’re terrified to let go?  And then what happens?  The other person takes the decisionmaking out of our hands and they let go first and we’re positively flattened.

It’s OK NOT to Hate

Then we start vacillating between and among the pain, the anger, the denial, etc.  but when we’re in the denial part or whatever part you want to call it, and we’re still loving that person there’s that conflict because of that demon handle we’ve applied.  So you try to get past that and say, ok there must be something wrong with me–I did something wrong, I’m not good enough, whoa….how did we get from there to here?  You’re not weak, not gullible, not a dummy for falling for that person–you’re fine and very loveable by the way and it’s ok if you still love them as long as you face the fact that sadly, you loved and lost but at least you had the love and maybe they did you dirty a few times and you looked the other way so you want to hate them but you can’t because you love them….it’s all fine.

Even Better–Try Love

It’s fine.  You’re not the first person to love someone who can be an asshole, despite seeing them for the asshole they can be.  It’s fine.  They need love too and it’s even ok to recall their good qualities and the good times, however many or few they might be, as long as you understand that you need to let go and forgive in order to get right with the situation in your own life.  They’ve already dealt with it in their own way and it’s not a daily feature for them so the healthy, self-loving thing to do is accept the truth – that it’s out of your hands – understand that you can still love them and send them loving energy – or not – and go about your business.

Ok, so the last part is to not beat yourself about getting involved with them in the first place OR your inability to let go and stop loving….today’s a new day.  Loving is never a mistake, right?  We know our Heavenly Father loves us despite all of our ugly flaws and misdeeds.  While it feels very personal to have been loved and left it’s really a reflection on the other person–their wants and needs at that particular time, and their decision.  It’s not a reflection on you but it is an opportunity to let something, someone who’s better for you in the door and into your life.  It’s true.

Faith and Love

That’s what it means to have faith, to leave it in God’s hands.  He loves you so it’s ok to love yourself too.  It’s more than ok, it’s necessary to begin by loving yourself so that you can share that loving and light with everyone you encounter.  It’s hard work to keep it covered up and out of sight; a huge burden to carry around resentment and self-loathing.  Dump it.  Love is weightless….love can lift you higher than you ever thought possible.  Look around you – there are people and things to love everywhere you turn.  You can find them, I know you can.


The Astrology of the Three of Air

The astrology of the three of air:  I find this part interesting especially since I’m a Libra…hell, practically the Goddess of Love, right?

Seriously, it goes like this:

Saturn in Libra – Libra ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and relationships – Saturn – the plant of restriction and bringer of challenges – the sadness that may occur in our personal life; that it is a part of life, the ups and downs, the joys and disappointments.  We all go through it.  Drawing this card is telling you that you’ll be fine but it’s necessary to allow yourself that time to heal and start it off by forgiving yourself.

What’s in the Numbers?

The number of the three of air is 53.  The five representing significant change in our lives–change that can be difficult and sad–but with the opportunity to grow from what we’ve learned.  The three is for comfort and letting us know that Jesus and all of the ascended masters are at the ready to comfort us and lend support.  All we have to do is ask.

53 reduces to the number 8 (5 + 3 = 8) assuring us that we will grow from here and have a more abundant life in the future….go get ’em!


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