Haters in Northern VA

The Source of the Hate

Well I just got home from getting my hair done (for the first time in months, thank you sweet lord and thank you Mesut!) and my plans for the rest of the afternoon went out the window because I’m so worked up.  As I was leaving the salon and saying my goodbyes the owner told me about something that went on recently that caused a hateful stir against her business  on Facebook.

I’ll let the original post Oasis Aveda Post on Laura Ingraham’s FB Page give you the gist of the story

and my comment ….my comment on the original post, which is at the top of all the comments there at the moment and surprisingly, no one’s replied….will tell you how I felt when I heard about it, saw the actual post and read a handful of the comments.

I just had to call the haters out for being ignorant and disgusting with all the venomous comments….

What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation – both on my friend’s advertising that her salon, Oasis Aveda is “Hijab Friendly” and the person who took a photo of the sign and sent it to Laura Ingraham, with all the hate that spewed forth thereafter.

I guess I’m not surprised to see haters go so out of control with off the wall comments having very little to do with the subject at hand, or the intention of the salon owner in letting people know they can have their services done in a private room, but when it’s this close to home for me I’m affected by it at a personal level…..attack my friends and you’re attacking me….


My haircut is mah-velous by the way….I slept on it so you’re not getting a photo at the moment, LOL….but trust me, it’s fab and if you happen to live and/or work in northern Virginia – specifically the Dulles area – and you’re looking for a great stylist call Oasis Aveda, (703) 406-8442, and get yourself an appointment with Mesut!!

251570_10150341857002905_6561805_nThis was a previous Mesut haircut – fresh out  of the salon…




  1. What can I say? The world is full of ignorant people and I’m sick of it, too. The sign in the window of the hair salon was posted by a Muslim and was aimed at other Muslims. The message was clear to those on both ends. The unfortunate impact that it had on bigoted non-Muslim extremists who felt they should react by spewing vitriol all over social media was unforeseen. Perhaps if the salon’s sign offered a little detail about what “hijab friendly” means then some of this may not have played out the way it did. However, I don’t think it would have been completely avoided because haters gonna’ hate no matter what is said. Every business has the right to target to any segment they choose–African Americans, Muslims, men, women, children, people who like their hair colored, those who want it straight, etc. People (haters in this case) do not have the right to defame the reputation of the salon based on a sign in the window. There’s plenty of attorneys in this part of the world, Oasis Aveda should call one up and let the hounds loose.

  2. Love your hair!
    I do think it is disheartening that all people of a group are judged based on the actions of a small percentage. I think members of those groups need to be vocal and proactive, not in a hateful way, but in a way that protects the image of the community. I’ve yet to hear any American Muslim leaders take a public stand against radicals or lead the “war” against the Muslims who are destroying the image of all peace-loving Muslims.

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