I Painted Sicily Over the Weekend

This is a piece I did for a dear friend of mine who grew up there and goes back to visit family every chance he gets.  When I met him and worked for a while as hostess in his restaurant, Lucia’s, something just told me that I had to paint a picture of Sicily for him one day and the day came and I delivered the painting yesterday.  He loves it!  Yay!

This piece is mixed media – acrylic paint, ink, paper collage, and acrylic stucco medium on a cradled birch wood panel – my favorite thing to paint on, btw – and best part is the finished pieces don’t require framing.  The dimensions of this piece are 16″ wide x 8″ high.

I love painting these cityscapes, especially when they hold special meaning for the recipient.  I’ve done two of Paris and now this one.  If you’re interested in a painting of your hometown or favorite city please reach out to me via email to discuss:  Cynde’s Contact Info





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