Inspiration Comes to Those Who Ask

The Beginning of It


The other night as I was going to sleep I noticed that behind my closed eyes I was seeing a little text box and it it were words that were rapidly changing into other words; changing before I could read what the words actually were.  Like a digital timer only with words.

The next morning as I was waking up I was getting these image impressions again except this time it was little drawings and symbols, dots, dashes, wavy lines, again appearing then changing into something else like a film on fast forward–mostly black and white but with a little pop of color here and there.

Kind of freaky, huh?  But I just sat with it and allowed it to come through, kind of curious to see what would happen next.

Next, Thoughts and Ideas

Then different thoughts and ideas started popping into my head one after another although not as fast as with the words and images…it was almost like that was the warm-up for this next part.  When I say thoughts and ideas I mean I was remembering things I’d been contemplating –both recently and from ages ago –and now I was seeing the connections between different things.  The links and synchronicities were revealing themselves so I had a clearer idea of what I was trying to communicate with those original thoughts and ideas.    Specifically, the jump off point to start the writing and the point of what I wanted to say became clear. And when I’d taken down the basic idea another one started up.

Flow of Creativity

I realized I was being fed a series of writing prompts on topics near and dear to my heart so I grabbed my journal and started taking notes.  All morning I scribbled notes all over the pages, adding side notes to myself here and there and sometimes a little sketch.  For about two hours I just went with it, letting it all flow and capturing as much as I could in the journal.  I kept thinking to myself, when is this going to stop? But then oh, wait–don’t stop–this is what I’ve been waiting for!  Maybe just ease up so I can grab a cup of coffee??  I didn’t want to start negotiating with the flow and scare it away, know what I mean?

When things started slowing down some I went back and counted 30 pages I’d written on – actually, I found that I’d skipped a page so I had two blank sides and I decided one must have been left blank intentionally so I literally wrote “This page left blank intentionally” on it and on the other I made a quick sketch of my personal assistant who had remained by my side throughout this whole thing.  (Personal assistant = Ozzie, my cat)

The Tally

Among the 28 other pages I had captured 9 distinct ideas for blog pieces or pieces of art and I started in with the art stuff and that went on through yesterday.  So this piece was meant for #SoCS but, still being sick (what’s up with that?) I ran out of steam and here we are on Tuesday so you’re getting the scoop a few days later.

One of the ideas I had was for the fReNetIc vs. Serene piece I just published and the others are on the way.  In the meantime here are a couple of photos from the past few days.











  1. Not 30 pages worth (with an intentional blank page) 😉 but I have had a flow of thoughts that I have to stop what I’m doing and write it down because I know if I don’t write it down at that moment, my recollection of it later won’t be as good as when the inspiration hit me originally. How exciting!

  2. Nothing of that magnitude. Sometimes I get blogged up with several which is where I am right now. And I still read and put off the writing. I’ve got to make some changes. I love the writing but it seems easier to put off. If I don’t catch your blogs today, they move off the horizon so I try to catch them while they are new.

  3. Afterthought: I usually ask for comments and would especially like to hear from you on this…has this kind of thing ever happened to you – where you got a rush of creative inspiration? Do you ever feel that you have so much inside that you want to express, whether in writing, painting, song, but you just can’t figure out how to get started? How did you get past that and get going?

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