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It’s Truly Better To Give Than To Receive

I’ve been writing and posting to a blog for more than several years now….mostly off and on, hit and miss, that sort of thing, until recently when something came over me and given my constant call back to the keyboard to write about things I decided to commit to this adventure to see where it could lead.

And it’s been an amazing 7-8 weeks because I was fortunate enough to start at my Reader here on WordPress and began reading what others were up to and writing about and also checking out WP’s Daily Post for the Post a Day prompt.  It was at the Daily Post that I discovered Blogging University and signed up for Blogging 101, which I highly recommend as it takes you through the steps to set yourself up for success as a blogger.  If Blogging 101 had been available back at the turn of the century (Like that?  I’m serious too!) I’d have gotten up to speed far sooner and not had to go through the routine of figuring out what I didn’t know then finding out about it and trying it out….lots of one step forward, two steps back and all of that to get to today. So that’s my first share–whether you’ve been playing around with a blog for years like me or you’ve just put that first toe in the water, I highly recommend signing up for the FREE Blogging 101 offered right here on WordPress.  And I testify….hand to God, TESTIFY, that if you do you will not only get turned on to all the really cool stuff you can do to make your blog look more polished BUT you will meet other bloggers who are interested in what you’re doing and want to follow you and comment on your posts and it’s totally a daily party if you you get started this way and participate early on.  I’m done there.

Sometimes the Receiving Gets Really Good

The other thing you will find if you’re lucky like me, is a virtual friend or two willing to give you advice on the best way to do things and answer your questions if you’re stuck….a Blog Mentor, if you will…..And it’s not like I had to ask them, they just stepped right up and into that role and were supportive from the get-go…and this is on top of the WP people who run Blogging 101 and get paid to do it….they’re fabulous as well and answer your questions virtually real-time (like that?  virtually real-time…is that a real thing?)

Giving Them Their Props

That’s all I have to say about sharing except that I would be remiss if I didn’t publicly acknowledge two of my #BlogMentors @dray0308 and @OpinionatedMan – who are selfless about helping others here in this blog community of ours.  They’re truly the best of the best!



  1. I missed out on the 101, but am now participating in the 201! I’m mulling over it now, as a matter of fact. And yes, OM/Harsh Reality is truly a great blogger, I hold him in very high respect as well. How does he do it!! I’m lucky if I’m able to do 1-2 posts within 1 week!

  2. I will totally go check out Blogging University. Yes, I’ve been blogging since 2005 but it has changed so much in those 11 years. Who would continue to be good at their job if they didn’t stay up to date on the newest techniques? I may have to rethink some of the things I believed about blogging and my quest at world domination.

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