If You’re a Kevin Spacey Fan…

As I often mention, I’m in love with my Kindle Fire….not that it’s perfect, has its flaws but I use every day for some period of time or other.  I’m also a big Amazon.com groupie in that I make most of my purchases online…I hate dragging myself around looking for things that I need to get….not to be confused with heading to Steinmart to see what’s new and buy myself a bunch of new things.

Anyhow, Kindle Fire –>Amazon.com—>I’m an Amazon Prime Member b/c I shop online so much—>all of the TV commercials about Amazon Prime is so much more than free shipping of packages and we just got a new huge TV in our family room so I decided to check out a movie the other day and found one of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey, had directed and starred in a movie about Bobby Darin called, natch….Under the Sea...and I really enjoyed it.  Not necessarily a “must-see” but if you’re interested in the singers of that era, it’s a good bio pic of Bobby Darin–who I knew virtually nothing about.

So to go along with this movie recommendation I thought I’d share this drawing of mine that I stumbled upon just now while paging through my art journal….What do you think?

under the sea
My jelly fish ballet drawing done about a year ago off the top of my head….




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