I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

I was messing around in an art journal and got up to get a pair of scissors….sat down at my desk, checked WordPress to see what was going on, might have peeked at Facebook as well…..2 hours later I get up to go downstairs because I haven’t yet eaten dinner…and remembered that I’d originally gotten up for scissors two hours ago……

Add this to the Wiki page about “Cynde Time” LOL

p.s. ┬áthe dinner was homemade chicken pot pie….





  1. oh, I forgot to mention that I was interrupted in the middle of yet another rant I was making on FB when the dinner was ready to come out of the oven, so after that I came up and had a hot bath to calm my cough then sat down with the art journal and……yeah….going back to finish the FB rant now and will probably show up as a blog post tomorrow…..

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