Handmade Cards & Magnets

Despite the fact that I haven’t been painting much lately, I have a surprisingly large inventory of art available for sale.

My new Etsy store, TheCSweetShoppe is now open and stocked with unique greeting cards and wooden magnets that are little baby pieces of art themselves.

Next, I’ll be adding some paintings.

I was a little disappointed that my photos didn’t turn out better and I think I know why so I can fix it for the next round but for now, I’m open for business.

Check me out TheCSweetShoppe





  1. In Chapter 36 of Exodus, God talks to Moses about Oholiab saying that the Lord had given him “skill and ability” to perform the work entailed in building the tabernacle. I often think of that when I see the beautiful art pieces that pull at my heart strings. Skill, ability, and God inspired. Pray that your Csweet Shoppe is blessed.

    • Oneta, what a beautiful sentiment! You are such a special lady for saying this to me and you know that I regularly thank God for my skills and talents and tell Him that my goal is to use to my full potential as a way of showing my gratitude! You are such a precious dear – this was like getting a big hug from you!! Thank you so much!

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