Egads, Something for Free!

Celebrating the Opening of My Etsy Store

As I was taking the photos of my little handmade magnets and note cards for my Etsy store I thought it was high time to offer the opportunity to acquire a piece of my art to my devoted readers.

Chance to Win a Prize

Here’s What You’ll Win!

Set of 3 Funky Handmade Wooden Magnets

How to Enter

Contest Rules:

  1. Visit my Etsy store to check out my new selection of handmade greeting cards and wooden magnetsย TheCSweetShoppe
  2. Come back here and leave a comment for me
  3. On Wednesday, February 3, 2016 I’ll put the names of each person who left a comment into a fishbowl and draw one name to win this set of 3 magnets which I thought were apropos to be offering to writers…
  4. These babies are light and I’m happy to ship to anywhere, including outside the United States, so long as the shipping cost doesn’t exceed $10! ย Should that be the case I’ll substitute one of my drawings or paintings on paper that I can send perfectly flat.

Ok, so let’s see who wants a piece of me!






  1. Here’s the list of people who made comments. I’m hoping I do this correctly so they’ll get a message that they’ve been tagged here: @JulieSheppardakaReikoChinen @thevpub @plotless1 @josiesvoice @anyone1mark66 @charlene @maemi @galeweithers @spiritualdragonfly @mysticalwriter
    (If you received a notification that I tagged you here, please let me know so I know that I did this correctly…thanks!)

  2. …and the winner is…..ONETA HAYES!!!!! Big round of applause for commentor @OnetaHayes who will receive the set of three blog/writing inspired decorative magnets. Oneta, I need your mailing address please? Now for the rest of you, to show that I honestly do appreciate your time and your feedback when I do these things, if you’ll email me with your full name and mailing address you might just get a little surprise from me in the mail sometime soon…. If, for privacy purposes you don’t feel comfortable sharing I totally understand but promise I will not show up at your front door unless invited!

  3. These magnets are definitely unique in design and reveals a part of your personality. Nice mementos from you essentially. Reminds me of my cousin’s wedding where the wedding favors were actually customized fridge magnets with both the pics of the wedded couple as well as the wedding date were shown.

    • Thank you – the paper I used was cut from larger Zentangle type doodle art I’d done a while ago….Thanks for playing!! This is so much fun – I’m literally putting names into the fishbowl as I read the comments!

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