Really, it’s Wednesday Already?

School’s Out Until Next Month

I think you’ll appreciate the irony here – the call came in as I was getting dinner started.  Wayde Bayard, the Chief Information Officer for Loudoun County Schools calling to let us know that schools were closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friiiiiday.  Yes, he said each day individually like that reeeeaaaaal slooooooooww like that – to build the anticipation.

No sooner had they heard the news than my darling children, who I’ve been bragging about because they get along so well and they’re being besties and they’re out shoveling snow and making money and practicing their music, and, etc.  yeah, those kids….well within minutes of learning they’d be home with Mommy for the remainder of the week, were screaming at each other.

Fun times, no doubt.  Today’s been quiet so far mostly because the boy slept in.

More Blogging 101

In finishing up a wonderful month of learning a whole bunch of neat stuff about blogging and the WordPress features and the best part meeting and getting to know other writers, I checked out the last few Daily Tasks assigned to us and one suggestion was to have an associated Facebook Fan Page which I already have.  The thing I needed to do was make sure that any new pieces I posted were showing up on my C-Sweet FB page .  The posts were showing up there but not on my personal Cynde Jackson Clarke FB page so in adjusting that I stopped the posting on the C-Sweet page–all fixed now but you have to decide how you want these things to show up and then set up your page accordingly with the proper widgies and all that.

The Last Assignment:  A Regular Feature

When I first read this Daily Task I thought “oh geez, I don’t want to make something up here on the fly and then hate it by next week” but with further consideration I remembered that I like to play with my oracle tarot cards and write about the card I pulled or about a short reading.  So I hereby announce my regular feature “Tarot Tuesday” and even though it’s Wednesday already (some of you may recall my mentioning that I work on “Cynde Time” hmmm?), Tarot Tuesday starts today because I did a reading last night.

Last Thing

heart i drew 012716 PMI also did some doodling last night and present you with this abstract heart to show my fondness and appreciation for reading, commenting, laughing, and being my friend. I recently discovered PicMonkey and having a ball playing around digitally with the art I make by hand.  I also used PicMonkey to create my little Mission image with the lovely quote I received from @thevpub.  If you like this image feel free to post in on your page, print it and frame it…consider it an early Valentine from me to you.


VPub Quote
The C-Sweet Mission – to evoke a feeling of empathy & kindred spirit with my writing….


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