Snowzilla: The Aftermath

I have to say that I’m among those very fortunate to have heat and water, all major appliances working, and fridge and pantry well stocked for this storm.  Almost like a continuation of the long holiday break, all four of us were quite happy at home together.

My daughter got out to spend the day with a friend on Friday before the big snow hit and from then on she and her brother have been nearly constant companions.  My son started his own blog on Friday and on Saturday baked his first batch of cookies very nearly all by himself.  He did have tons of help eating them and I can attest they’re appropriately named “Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies” because vanish they did!  Same day, I allowed dear daughter to try peeling potatoes because she’d mentioned a time or two that it “looked like fun” and she pretty much made our dinner – a lovely roasted potato and pork chop bake – so easy one pan – toss it all in olive oil and seasoning (we use a combo seasoning of sea salt, roasted garlic and rosemary) – first toss the (smallish) bite-size pieces of potato in the oil & seasoning mixture (I use a zip-lock bag or sometimes just in a big bowl) and put on a baking sheet, then throw the chops into the bag – add more olive oil and seasoning if desired/needed, and put them on the pan.  I almost forgot the magic ingredient – sprinkle with a packet of dry Hidden Valley Ranch  dressing mix before popping in the oven.  You can even add your veggie right on there – the original recipe called for fresh green beans…..400 degree oven 30 minutes. Tender chops/savory potatoes – quick and easy!

Further to my bragging on my children  – they spent Sunday afternoon shoveling snow together and earned over $100 to share.  I’ll admit I haven’t seen much reading or homework but both have spent time practicing their instruments (he drums; she trumpet) over the weekend.  Today they took themselves out for a sushi lunch  – well I treated them – and then managed to find milk on the store shelves to bring home with them.

The snow’s melted some and they’re predicting rain for tomorrow – not a whole lot of fun.  I feel for the folks in New Jersey – especially the Jersey shore areas who are getting killed with major flooding they didn’t really need right now.  School’s closed again for tomorrow which is a good thing I understand, from reports of road conditions I’ve seen posted online – let’s take one more day to clear out and clean up and then everyone can get to school safely.  After all, it’s not just our students but the teachers and administration who have to get their kids off to school and then to their jobs at our schools….and their safety is of the utmost importance, along with our kiddies.

As for me, I was under the weather all weekend and finally feeling better today so I had no problem lazing around with hot tea and vicks vaporub and all of that.  I’m finally feeling better, cheers, thanks, and able to have a glass of the wine I stocked before the storm.  I’m thinking that tomorrow will be more of a chores day than these past lazy days.

Oh yeah, one thing I’ve done is delete all of my emails….yes, all of my emails…I had 10,000 emails showing up on my iPhone counter.  Enough is enough.  Starting out fresh….anyone who needs to find me will find me, in the meantime unsubscribing from anything and everything to reduce the inflow…..Just Saying No! to being inundated with messaging….I need to go radio silent for a bit.

For the next time I’ll plan a little farther ahead and work a little bit harder to get milk before every last drop disappears from the store shelves but I have to say that we did fine with the little bit we had….managed without cereal for breakfast and the bread machine takes powdered milk…which could be used for cooking as well if needed.  We’re done to our last egg so I’m glad the roads are becoming passable but all in all, the snow was an event of nature to witness, no emergencies, we are blessed and lucky I know….

p.s.  you know you’re involved in Northern Virginia travel soccer when schools are still closed and you’re getting an update on soccer field status!!!!!view of patio snowzilla 2016




  1. I have to try out your recipe! If there’s a secret ingredient in it, then it’s a keeper. I’ve done the potatoes with lamb and it was so delicious. I love how the potato just soaks up all that flavor… yum!

    I called out of work at 7am on Saturday and just curled up with my loom and it was a wonderful weekend. I’m near the Shore but not too near to get any of that awful flooding. Though they did evacuate the next town over. The plowing job was atrocious. But overall, the snow is already melting and it was a good time because the power didn’t go out!

    Glad you’re feeling better and it sounded like a very productive weekend! How cozy with all that snow! I would take another weekend like that again (:

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