Quick Update from the C-Sweet

Hi Blog Friends,

After feeling under the weather for a week or two and chalking it up to dry winter conditions inside house etc. to flare up in allergies, sinus maladies, itchy eyes, asthma symptoms, I’ve admitted I should see the doctor.  Ok, it’s time for my 6 month check in with her anyway but I really need to put an end to this ICK  that overtakes me every year at this time turning me into Ms.Ery (misery).

I haven’t felt up to writing here or doing much reading but I did manage to crochet a cool hat for myself using Kristina Olson’s pattern for the Neely Slouchy Hat that I found on Pinterest.  It’s a quick little project that I did up over the course of two afternoons – so could probably be done in a single day.  So instead of picking up one of the other needlework projects underway over here I may just make a few more of these hats just for the heck, i.e. since this has my interest at the moment.

Also from the depths of my Ms.Ery I applied for scads of temporary positions online and doing some networking.

I’m on the U.S. East Coast – Middle Atlantic so expecting a big dump of snow that’s promising to be more than the conversational snow that fell last night.  Already hating myself for not stopping at the grocery store yesterday to stock up on wine, bread and milk.  I have just about everything else I need to be snowed in for the weekend although I’m sure I’ll want to make something that I don’t have an ingredient for at some point over the Snowpocalypse or whatever they’ll be calling this one…..Snowpeii, Abominable Snowmonster? Snowsaster? Snowtastrophe? Snowbacle? Snowsoon? Snowvasion? Snowfensive? Snowsiege? Snowsecution? Snowvasion?

Soccer practices and already canceled for tonight, tomorrow , and Saturday.  So far it looks as though my daughter’s first middle school band concert will go on as planned –sneaking this one in before the flakes fall.  I guess I’ll be stopping off at the store despite the fact that I hate to be in there with all of the other last minute pre-storm milk-grabbers fighting over the last gallon of 2%.  I hate when that happens!



  1. My daughter and I get Winter Sick every year. For us, it’s like Fall Sick only worse. My theory is that her preschoolers bring home every germ known to mankind and we get just a touch of it all. Love the blog, btw!

      • Uh oh, I hope you were able to find something! It’s like Hurricane Sandy — I had to resort to the boxed rice milk so my girls could have cereal in the morning! As a non-milk consumer, I really have no idea. I suppose people love to eat cereal and make milkshakes during blizzards?

        Sometimes I wonder if the weather forecasters have stock in milk and bread companies. That would make sense!

      • Oh I did thanks..I had bread and milk at home, including some powdered milk we use in the bread machine…I was after wine and picked up more bread and milk as surplus…lol – I ended up with a package of hamburger buns (I wanted mini hoagie rolls) and a bag of mini bagels. As for milk…a half gallon of Tru Moo chocolate marshmallow flavor choc milk…..and the checker was surprised I managed to find the bread that I did find….it’s nuts!

      • Aha! Can’t go wrong with chocolate milk and bagels. The liquor store stop will be tomorrow for me, I’m pretty sure they’ll still have my vodka. Stay warm and cozy, and happy stay-at-home day!

      • Thanks. I ask because I used to be good at splashing vodka into anything but lately not so much. Could be that o have this dumb vanilla flavored vodka that tastes good with nothing I have on hand

      • Yes I stay away from the flavored vodkas. I did try an amazing mango-flavored one recently from one of those shot-bottles. But I wouldn’t want an entire bottle of it! Very tasty though.

        Vanilla vodka sounds like it could be good with pepsi/coke/dr. pepper. Or for non-carbonated, maybe something tropical, like coconut or mango-flavored.

        Hope you’re in the clear with the storm! It’s still going strong and about 18″+ so far. How have you fared?

      • We’ve got at least 2 feet and it’s still snowing…I was out shoveling a little while ago.. Just to get outside and say I did it. Hoping we can get out of the driveway by Monday.

      • I hope I can get out on Monday for work! I called out today and fortunately got a lot accomplished. I’m saving the shoveling for tomorrow, it’s just too windy and cold out there today. Your shoveling will be a lot easier than mine tomorrow, that’s for sure!

  2. I’m on the Eastern Shore, so like you waiting to see what this storm is going to be like for us…looks to be a mix of rain and snow with the tides being a big issue, possible flooding….never know what Mother Nature is gonna do!! Stay Safe!!!

    • You stay safe too! Flooding is scary….my biggest fear is being stuck in the house with hubber, 2 middle school age kids, 3 boxers, and a cat and no wine….but that fear is alleviated. I picked up the wine so I’m all set. Here near DC the Fairfax County schools were closed TODAY…..and we already know our Loudoun County schools are closed. We’re off to the band concert and hopefully home and all snug by 8 p.m.

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