How to Accept Tough Love

I admire people who dish out tough love like candy.  They possess the generosity and courage and audacity and perspective to give others straightforward feedback, tell the ugly truth and help them

Source: How to Accept Tough Love

Unfortunately, I resemble the author in that I’m an “imperfectionist who insists on executing at warp speed, I have a tendency to become a victim of my own velocity. I commit sloppy mistakes that make rejecting me easy.”

And while I despise grammar gaffes, misuse of tenses,  and failure to properly insert a contraction when required…I do make allowances for typos that are most likely chalked up to writing on the fly vs. using proper sentence construction, even these show that lack of care that shows up at the recipient’s door as a half-hearted effort.  Or, to use one of my favorite terms, a half-assed effort!

**Yes, I am the queen of the self-ping.  I hope that’s not off-putting; I like tying things together.  😀




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