Mission:  Decluttering

350x243xdeclutter-calendar-january-pagespeed-ic-v0by9kvyzjWhen I set my Unrealistic Goals for 2016, taking a page from the book of the ever-wise @SachaBlack, I included “finish de-cluttering “Casa Clarke”, my humble abode.

Just popped on Pinterest to look for a recipe and a crochet pattern and this De-Clutter in One Year Calendar hit me in the eye and I had to share since it’s related to something I’m working on in the coming year.  I’m on Pinterest here.

As far as what recipe I was seeking – nothing very interesting….something to do with ground beef for tonight’s dinner.

Crochet pattern?  women’s hat….I have no hats and it’s f-f-f-frigid here in northern VA – so cold, in fact that schools opened on a two hour delay….which came along with my daughter’s pleas to be permitted to take the whole day off just because she didn’t feel like going to school/felt like staying home.  And my son had hit me with the same request a few minutes earlier. This is a regular thing which has me thinking I’m entirely too nice to my kids when they’re home otherwise they’d be dying to get on that bus!  I’m thinking it’s time to up my assigning chores game here.



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