Goddess Oracle Card Reading

3 Card Spread Saturday Evening

Intention:  When I did the 7 Card Cross Spread the other night the message I received boiled down to “we’ve already told you you’re on the right track and everything you need to move forward is available to you.  My question Saturday night was to get more specific about what I need to do NEXT…..IMMEDIATELY.

I had put all of these different things in motion and sought immediate guidance for “What is the Most Critical Thing I Can Be Working on Today?

Using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards I pulled the following cards.

First Card:  essentially speaks to the back story of your question or situation

White Tara – sensitivity – 

message: “you are becoming increasingly sensitive.  avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

ordinarily I don’t write any interpretation especially when I’m sharing my own reading but in this case I must say that it made a whole lot of sense to me that something had driven me into my cocoon a few months back 

Second Card:  right now

Cordelia – go outside

message:  “You have been indoors too long.  go outside and get some fresh air.”

ya think? how did Cordelia know about the cocoon???

Third Card:  going forward

Athena – inner wisdom

message: “you know what to do.  trust your inner wisdom, and take appropriate action without delay.”

How Did I Get To Where I Am Right Now?

So I have all of these various things going on – all touched on in my CJ’s Unrealistic Goals for 2016 and on any given day I’m needing to dive into to one of the areas – the problem is that knowing myself (ADD hello) if write up a weekly schedule for myself and say ok, on this day I’ll do this and next day I’ll work on that….I’ll completely ignore my own list.  This is how I roll and what I’ve learned about myself in isolated moments of clarity is that I have so much more energy and get so much more done if I go with what I’m feeling at the moment.  That’s where it gets tricky because if I’m cocooning I’m purposely trying to avoid feeling and you can see how that ends up, right….I’m not in touch with those feelings about things I’m enthusiastic about so I’m enthused about shutting the world out and playing Mahjong Solitaire on my Kindle Fire.  Get the picture?

What I’m Doing About It Today

I hope this glimpse into the inner workings of my mind and the self-talk that goes on here isn’t scaring you because for me, it’s exciting when a bunch of thoughts, ideas, concepts come together and the first thing I want to do is sit  down and write about it so here we are.

In working with these oracle cards, listening regularly to guided meditation recordings, having a series of reiki sessions, reading, writing, and contemplating all of this I feel I can really relate to the messages I’m receiving – specifically messages about writing, creativity, helping others, teaching others, my level of intuition, and so forth, however, that stuff’s not putting food on the table or paying my cell phone bill at the moment, know what I mean?

What do I need to be doing today????  More self talk – “Seriously Cynde?  You know a planeload of cash isn’t going to dump thousand dollar bills onto your front lawn…you need to keep working at the things you’ve put in motion and be Patient.  

That “P” word and I have never been close friends but along my journey I’ve worked at it and so for today I took a soothing bath (essential oils I added were spearmint & eucalyptus btw) to just refresh and cleanse.  While soaking I listened to Lilian Eden’s guided meditation The View – Unleashing Your Greatness found on YouTube.  There’s the link, I’m not embedding it because it’s 30 minutes long, but I highly recommend it if you’re the slightest bit interested in guided meditation.

During the meditation part I did experience a number of very clear ideas about specific art & painting things to work on today so once I hit Publish I’m headed down to my studio to get started on exactly what came to mind during the meditation.  Of course, the fact that I’m on United States, Eastern Daylight Time, means that it’s nearly 3:00 in the afternoon and I should be thinking about what I’m making for dinner hasn’t completely escaped me but rather than letting the fact that I don’t now have the whole full day  be an excuse for procrastinating I’m going to work while I think about what to make, take a break to make it (and surely then it will also be time to open some wine), and then get back to the paints.  This, by the way is known as “Cynde Time” as in there are no clocks in my world….

You can bet that I’ll be sharing the results but for now I’m off to get started.

Aside: The Goddess Oracle Cards come with a guidebook that goes into the history of each of the goddesses and what she’s all about and the ways she can help you if you reach out to her.  I find that extremely interesting but not relevant to my primary intention in writing this for you today. Please do let me know if you’d like to hear more!!!!  





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