My Unrealistic Goals for 2016

I’ve just been inspired by Sacha Black’s Forget Resolutions….and Achieve Unbelievable Outcomes in 2016 piece to set my own for this year.  I’m not a New Years’ Resolutions kind of girl but Sacha’s just helped me realize that it’s because I’m a Goals Girl.

Goals Girls don’t resolve to do more of this or less of that, no, they set quantifiable, schedule-able GOALS for themselves and put their heads down and work it!

Bottle of IronyYes, that’s me and through years of often wondering just how I accomplished what I did, the more mature, more self-aware me realizes that I was setting goals for myself without actually articulating them or writing them down.  I was doing it subconsciously and that motivated me to go 150 mph toward that goal.  As I think about this more and more, it begs the question:  If I can do the things I’ve done without breaking a sweat setting those goals for myself, how much more will I accomplish when I set my goals purposefully and consciously dovetail them together for even greater efficiencies of scale?  

I think there’s an exponential thing that goes on in there and oh yes, something about a tipping point.  You heard the woman, the sky’s the limit here!

Anyhow, my unrealistic goals for 2016 are as follows:

The overarching, I guess I have to call it resolution is to spend less and less time playing games on my Kindle Fire and accelerate my current momentum so that I’ve got a shot at:

  1. Finishing the de-cluttering my house (that’s DeC-cubed… De-Clutter Casa Clarke)
  2. Finding a new job, the right job for me for this time in my life
  3. Breaking the 50,000 views mark on my blog
  4. Organizing my art studio area
  5. Getting proper photos of my inventory of art work up on my art website
  6. Creating 10 new pieces of art that I’m really happy with and selling them!
  7. Getting myself to the  Art is You Mixed Media Art Retreat in Stamford CT again this October.Art is You…I’ve been 3 times in the past four years…

For me, it’s not easy to find true motivation from others…although Sacha checked the box 3X for inspiration with this Unrealistic Goals piece….I am the most highly motivated when someone tells me I can’t do something that I know damn well I can do; or that I’m not something I know damn well I am!

And this, my friends is the second, lesser known definition of CHESTER UP!

Chester Up



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