I just re-read @Bzirk’s Another Introduction and peeing my pants again….especially the comments so I just had to share this….



  1. I love it! Laughed out-loud and scared the dog. I’m going down in the basement later where I keep all my discarded efforts at various crafts and I’ll take a picture of my basket of knitting supplies. It’s a little sad. Clearly I like baskets and colorful yarn and spooky-looking implements and nifty bags with pockets and slots and Velcro flaps. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me really. There are three or four long strands of what I think are called…well I can’t remember. I call them partial scarves. Endless stitches in various tensions because I can never figure out how to turn around and go back the other direction and then I get bored with it. I had a daughter-in-law who was trying to teach me but she flew the coop so that’s out. Plus, I think she felt sort of superior when she was giving instructions because she made it super complicated and then had this look on her face when I couldn’t get it–kind of like–wow, you really are stupid. I played along to make her feel smart. She could knit like crazy though. I don’t miss her, to be honest. I probably ought to open up WORD and write something because it looks like I’m doing a whole rambling blog here instead of a polite comment. Something tells me you get that. 😛

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