7 Card Cross Reading for Mid January


It’s been a while since I worked with my Oracle Tarot Cards and tonight I decided to put aside my Kindle Fire on which I play crazy find the hidden object games and listen to guided meditations on You Tube, and do a card reading for myself.

If you’re not familiar with oracle cards and angel cards and the difference between traditional tarot cards, I’ll not be delving into that here but it’s quite interesting if you’re inclined to check into it further.

So I grabbed my cards and handled them, breathed on them and held them to my heart to transfer my energy to the cards while shuffling them.  Then I focused on my question or situation which is:  What am I meant to do next in life job-wise as I’m currently job hunting.  In this piece I’ll tell you about what cards turned up and give the general idea of their meaning.  While I’m not going into detail about how the individual cards actually resonated with me and my current circumstances I will tell you that the reading I did tonight is consistent with the messaging I’ve been receiving since this past summer when I started using the cards and definitely relevant to my thoughts and feelings and behavior over the course.

After a brief:

I invite the presence of Loving Spirit to bring help and healing here.  May Divine love bless and inform us.  May inspiration guide this experience, bring wisdom to my heart and mind, and bring blessings and guidance to all.  Amen

The deck I used for this reading is Sandra Ann Taylor’s Energy Oracle Cards.

On to the 7 Card Cross spread in which the cards represent:

  • Cards 1 and 2 – the Past – first long ago and second more recent past
  • Cards 3 and 4 – crossed – representing the situation or me/the subject of the reading and the crossed card, the challenges present at this time
  • Cards 5, 6 and 7 representing movement from the present to the future – first, the initial steps, second more information on the process and future potential, and last, the ultimate outcome

And here is what turned up for me tonight!

Card 1 – #38 – 4th Chakra (Heart) – Archangel Raphael

Greater readiness to receive love from others as well as from yourself or much needed healing from a previous broken heart is taking place.  Love, Compassion, Self-Acceptance

Card 2 – #45 – Man Holding a Heart

The presence of a new man in your life who brings a high intention to help where personal projects, family, or home issues are concerned.  Emotional Peace

img_4942Card 3 – #41 – 7th Chakra (Crown) – Archangel Uriel

A time of great intuition for you and guidance from your higher awareness.  Spirit Connections, Intuition & Inspiration

Card 4 – #18 – Anxiety

Release the worry you’ve been carrying and let yourself relax.  Worry or Distress

Card 5 – #49 – Angel of Love – Reversed

The Universe is waiting for you to free your heart and open your life to the fully present and honoring love you deserve. Tender Connections

Card 6 – #51 – Healer of the Ages – Reversed

You’ve been feeling extremely out of sorts or even upside down in your life.  It’s time to address deeper levels of healing whether they be mental, emotional, physical or even addictive patterns.  Health & Vitality

Card 7 – #3 – Blossoming Abundance 

The Universe is blessing you and helping the fruits of your labor to blossom.  Increasing Wealth & Value

So that’s what the cards said to me tonight.

In the words of my dear friend Lou C. “Bang”

If you have questions about how I became interested in these oracle cards and how I did my reading tonight, or if you’d like me to do a reading for you please comment on this post or send me a private message.  You’ll find my email address on my Contact Page.









Author: The C-Sweet

I'm a Soccer Mom/Baseball Mom living the American Dream in northern Virginia. I work as a Business Advisor & Consultant focusing on small-medium sized businesses in my local community. I've drunk the chardonnay, practiced the yoga, driven the minivan, atomized the essential oils, made the spinach dip and attended many Southern Living at Home, Stella & Dot, and Pampered Chef parties. I'm a Catholic, Conservative, Spiritually Awake individual sharing my opinion on whatever catches my fancy and occasionally entertaining a few folks with tales from my ADDiva life!

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