Mash-Up On the Pitch

Breaking news here in Loudoun County Virginia.  On Saturday afternoon  the XYZ U12 Boys narrowly defeated the XYZ U12 Girls using an extreme technical tactic known as cheating. Throughout the scheduled 1:00 p.m. 6 v 6 game held on the turf fields at the Evergreen Sports Complex in Leesburg, the Boys fielded 8 players yet barely managed to stay a point ahead of the Girls during the entire game.

Late in the game the club’s technical director had to intervene and set up a penalty kick which did not stop the Boys from running those extra men on the field.  Nor did it stop their coach from entering the field during official game play, which ended with a 4-3 final score.

Columbia Inv Tourn 2015
Those boys SUCKKKKK!

Despite the fact that this was an intra-club “friendly” match, mid-fielder Special K walked off the field in disgust at the conclusion of the game.  When I caught up with her, the only thing she had to say was “Those boys SUCK!”  Special K’s dad chimed in with “Those sissies can’t even beat a team of girls their own age without cheating!”

One can only imagine what the Girls will have in store for the boys should they have the misfortune to be scheduled against the Girls again anytime soon.

On an adjacent field, an older player was taken away via stretcher due to a broken leg.  No further information on his condition was available at the time of this printing.

For Daily Prompt Jan 14 2016 Ripped Into the Headlines in which I was to write about an event from the past weekend as though it was front page headline news in my local paper….


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