Can You See Me Now?

I just love when I can combine two assignments into one piece – not that I’m trying to get out of writing more it’s just the efficiency of it all.  So for today’s Blogging 101 task Write To a Comment You Made I’m going to do exactly as I said in my comment to @David at Vexing Point who was annoyed that yesterday’s Post a Day prompt instructions weren’t quite clear enough.

I must admit that when I first left the comment it was in earnest – as in trying to smoothly say “oh, just write to the fucking prompt without all this overthinking please” and then Miss ADD pulled back and caught the obvious …that the whole point was to find something to be vexed about.  As for me, I would have found something inconvenient about the manner in which I was able to vanish and reappear – it was a good thing but could be just a bit better. However, my counterpart chose to be vexed about the whole thing and (in my view) get out of writing to the prompt at all.  I say “in my view” because that’s what I’d feel like I was doing, getting out of writing to the prompt, but in reality he was being so very clever and doing just that–stating he was vexed about the whole thing and getting me a bit vexed with him for overthinking it, LOL.

Well duh, you say?  Ok, so I’m being honest here and outing myself as having not caught on at the very first.  So my comment was that I interpreted the prompt to mean that your superpower is the ability to vanish and reappear at will, period.  That’s how I read it and I was exciting to have this power, even for the day, because it meant that if I saw someone coming that I didn’t want to speak to I could just become invisible and keep right on walking past.  I wouldn’t even care if they saw me before I did it and got all freaked out, I’d just do it.

I think I’d also use my power if I did something embarrassing–I’d just fade out for a bit until I was ready to face up to whatever I did or said, if ever.  Hey, it’s a free pass and I’m going to use it!

There are also those times when you need to run out real quick and do something – pop a package into the mail or pick up some milk (or wine) and you’re just not put together to be seen in public.  Well obviously you’d have to be visible during some part of the errand – like when you have to pay for your stuff –  but I think  being invisible if and when I wanted to be would be a good thing then too!

For example, I was able to include this amazing photo of myself from this morning when I rolled out of bed and I don’t have to worry about you judging me for not combing my hair and putting on some lipstick:


Cynde at 7:00 a.m. on January 14, 2016



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