Parting in Such Sweet Sorrow

For the Daily Post Happy Endings prompt I’m going to tell you about two things I gave up….one was cold turkey and the other is an ongoing kind of thing.

First one – when aspartame came into use in everything diet – soda, gum, etc.  I gave up diet soda and gum because I had a horrible reaction to this artificial sweetener.  I start having the symptoms of the beginning of a really bad migraine – my vision blurs, and I feel really strange, my tongue goes numb, and I even get disoriented – as in I can’t talk.  I try to talk but the words come out all jumbled.  Really scary….that was the extreme when I downed half a can of diet Sprite one time.

I can’t really recall how I made the connection that it was the diet soda, it was quite a long time ago.  I do remember that after that there was a time or two when I didn’t realize someone had served me a diet soda or I popped a stick of gum into my mouth and started feeling really strange.

So that one was pretty much cold turkey out of necessity.  To read up on some of the effects aspartame has on some people go to Aspartame Side Effects.

The other thing I gave up and still have to work at sometimes is emotionally toxic people.  When I find myself in situations where people in my life routinely make me feel frustrated or anxious because they’re stuck their own misery I retreat to higher ground to re-center and recharge my mental and emotional energy and I try not to get sucked in so far again – even if that means cutting myself off completely.

Sounds kind of mean maybe but for me it’s a matter of survival.




  1. Great post! I gave up all diet sodas. First the ones with aspartame in them because they made me feel numb all over and then when the ones with sucralose (splenda) came out, I couldn’t drink them either. Instant and severe migraines. I will occasionally drink a Zevia but unfortunately they contain some sugar and raise my bloog sugar, so I am stuck with tea I make myself with liquid stevia, coffee or water. I also gave up toxic people. I’ve cut friends and relatives out of my life because I just cannot handle their negativity. Good luck to you with quitting the negative.

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