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Blogging 101:  Day 4 Identify Your Audience

So today’s  Day Four Blogging 101 Identify Your Audience assignment is something I’ve also been pondering heavily since my “Business Manager”  gave me the third degree on who for, what for, write about what, write about for whom, topic, target, purpose, NEXT!?

I have to start out by saying that for me, blogging is a form of self-expression that I liken to my desire to use paint and paper to make art–it’s just inside me and wants to be, well like I said, expressed.

Given that, my purpose in putting it out there is the hope that (we’ve been tossing this word around a lot lately) “like-minded” people will find some value in it – information, amusement, entertainment, inspiration, motivation.  So that’s it, I’m not selling a product here; not really selling a service.

Like-Minded People

Back to like-minded….I have to repeat myself here again and say that I believe that my most important and valuable feature as a human being is that I’m authentic, or genuine.  I know you probably thought I was going to say my looks or my charisma but I’m trying to not be superficial here, ok?  But seriously, I’ve never been a good faker– I fail miserably at pretending to be interested in something that i’m not or trying to be someone I’m not, so I don’t even try.

That means that if I ask someone a question it’s because I genuinely want to know–I don’t ask just to “be nice”.  Likewise when I give someone a compliment or praise them, I really truly mean it from the heart–conversely, people who know me have found that if they’re assholes then I have absolutely no time for them and in extreme cases I am really good at pretending they don’t exist.  Message me privately if you’d like me to share a perfect example…..

People Like Me**

So to summarize, my target audience is the segment of the population that is

  • somewhat gregarious but not necessarily extroverted; introverts get me too
  • unpretentious
  • genuinely interested in learning more about other people and things
  • kind-hearted but not sappy
  • realistsic
  • in touch with themselves to a certain degree
  • non-judgmental-does not mean without opinions and beliefs
  • open-minded
  • passionate about things they believe in
  • non-extremist

and if they enjoy irony, sarcasm, silly puns, and synchronicity of thought but don’t mind a bit of salty language then they’ve come to the right place.

If anyone has a more poetic, or to-the-point word or definition for this segment, please do leave a comment and help me further sketch this out.

Thanks as always for stopping by!!

oh, and I’m so proud of myself for not jumping the gun and hitting send before completing the other part of the assignment by using a feature that’s new to me so I ‘m embedding this tweet:

here’s to a wonderful day….maybe @Pontifex will begin following my blog!

** People like me as in people similar to me not as in:


and that is my first video embed! Shit, this is so cool I could do it all day long!!!!





  1. Interesting description of who or what is your ideal reader. I wish I had such clarity of thought. or maybe, I do have an ideal reader – one who enjoys reading my posts 😀 I wonder if that’s a good enough description? 😀

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