CJ’s Bucket List for 2016

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Today’s prompt is a bucket list JusJoJan Jan 5 2016 Bucket List.

It figures this would be assigned since I make it a point to NOT make New Year’s Resolutions, at least not in the traditional “announce it on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day” sense.

Right now any bucket list is preempted by the fact that I’m job hunting but since this one is specific to 2016 I’ll play along nicely…

  1. New job
  2. Whip my blog into shape and write regularly
  3. Get all of my social media sites in order and synched with one another in a way that makes sense – e.g. the art website, the blog, etc.
  4. Finish de-cluttering in the basement
  5. Organize art studio area
  6. Review family files and go over life insurance policies
  7. Have a fabulous flower garden this summer
  8. Set up Etsy shop for art
  9. Use one of our pieces of exercise equipment for 15 min/day
  10. Do more menu planning and prepping meals ahead of time
  11. Resist going into my cocoon when I get overwhelmed

I suppose I should add “do writing assignments on the day they’re assigned” but what fun would that be?



  1. Yay you for starting off the New Year right and blogging/writing regulary! Great list for 2016, I’m trying to do a lot of the same things and like you, when I get overwhelmed, I go into cocoon mode. I’m trying my best to not go there anymore ! Keep up the great work, here’s to a great New Year! Jodi

  2. Yay You Cynde, you are doing a great job blogging and writing! I’m trying to do better too but I’m like you, when I get overwhelmed, I go into a cocoon, too…It’s time to get out and just deal with things and shine on. Here’s to a great 2016 for all! 🙂

  3. When I start the New New Year, I think of whatever goal I can do as soon as possible and then I can focus on the next one or work alongside 2 goals at a time if need be. I don’t make strict resolutions which may not get accomplished right away,leaving me falsely frustrated and unfulfilled. Everything takes time.As they say,Rome wasn’t built in a day. We go with the flow and do things as they come. Afterwards as you look back, you’ll see what you had done and have a sense of satisfaction.Remember,you’re doing this for yourself and not to please others. Happy New Year!

    • Good Stuff! Because I always have tons going on it may seem in any given moment that I’m not moving the ball far down any field but I’ve taught myself to pause and think about how long I’ve been working on a particular thing and how far I’ve come….therein lies the reward!

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