Meet Coco!

Cocoa Guilbault (2)
Photo by Pix Lady  Memories by Michelle

For today’s JusJoJan January 4, 2016 Dachshund prompt I’m going to tell you about this breed of dog.  I’ve never owned one but 3, count ’em, 3 of my neighbors own them.

The first thing in case you didn’t know, the breed and the name comes from Germany and the dach is a badger and the hund is a hound and yep dachshunds were used to hunt badger.  What you do with a badger once you catch one you’re going to have to research on your own because I’m telling you about the dogs today not the badgers.

Dachshunds come in 3 sizes – miniature, standard and 1 in between and here’s the part I bet most people don’t know – they come in 15 different colors….and I knew you were going to ask so the colors are:

black & cream, black & tan, blue & cream, blue & tan, chocolate & cream, chocolate & tan, cream, fawn (also called Isabella) & cream, fawn & tan, red, wheaten, wild board, black, chocolate and fawn. Marking combinations include: brindle, dapple, sable, brindle piebald, double piebald and piebald.

And of course, there are dachshunds with long hair along with the short haired ones.  One of the three neighbors has a miniature and I think her coat is chocolate; another neighbor has a long haired one named Murphy that I believe is fawn; and the third is a piebald named Coco.

That’s Coco in the photo.  Coco likes the beach when she’s not traveling with the family or rollerblading with her mom…..

This does not happen to Coco Don’t Do This to Your Dachshund



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