Slaves to Fashion? Not!

I’m sorry, I know it’s beyond early in the year but I have to write an anti-post to today’s prompt from The Daily Post New Sensation.  I have to.

I was raised at a time when (DAMN that makes me sound old-OUCH!) we wore CLOTHES; and we had school CLOTHES; and dress CLOTHES; and play CLOTHES; and work CLOTHES, and wait it’s coming…….gym CLOTHES.  

To further specify, we had winter CLOTHES different CLOTHES for summer.

Oh my gosh, I’ve gone this far so I might as well just blurt out the rest –


Isn’t that the kinkiest, craziest shit you’ve ever heard?

You may not have a clue about what I’m talking about so let me frame this out for you.  I grew up in the northeastern part of the US circa 1961 and on from there.  Winters temps in the 50’s right on down to the 30’s in winter; summers in the 70-80’s maybe hitting higher. I now live in metro Washington DC – not that much of a climate difference.

Today, my kids and their peers wear shorts year round…not just shorts, no you rarely see a nice madras plaid bermuda short show up…..gym shorts – baseketball, soccer, running, shorts shorts shorts, mostly gym shorts.

These shorts are paired with t-shirts of course…..and there you have a mix of the basic sports-team t-shirt; t-shirt from the beach vacation; rock band t-shirt (my kids are still doing that); and the other half is some Nike or Under Armour shirt that’s a t-shirt or sports shirt…got the picture.

On top of this shorts & t-shirt ensemble you put a hooded pullover sweatshirt….your choice – sports team, college, Nike, Under Armour, vacation spot…that’s your topcoat.  I’m not going to get into footwear here, I’m sure you can guess.

Drive past any bus stop and the majority of the kids are in this uniform whether they’re in elementary school, middle school, or high school…

I wore a uniform to school for 12 years….’nuff said there?  I took it off when I got home from school and put on what we called “play clothes” or just “other clothes”….same with the shoes.  And if it was chilly outside I put on a sweater or maybe a coat – but not my school coat.

My point?  My point is simply this:  it’s refreshing to see young people dressed in real CLOTHES every now and again.  I like style, I like fashion, I like texture, I like fabric, I like pressed, I like neat, I like real CLOTHES.  

I would love it if the next New Sensation is wearing real clothes.  

The end.






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