JusJoJan SoCS Hit Pause

Shawn Ebay Items 008This is so obvious I can’t believe I’m actually writing it but since committing to actually writing this year instead of just saying that I have a blog, I’m participating in Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January so right there I had to hit pause and get this acronym right….JusJoJan.   Sometimes this stuff just moves waaaay to fast and if you’re not caught up you can feel left behind and that is not the way this works!

Next, the second day shows up and it’s SoCS and I had to hit pause again – I feel like such a baby – to make sure I caught on that yesterday was Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  I especially had to get this one right because SoC is my main style of writing…

So on SoCS, I also hit pause and took the day off from blogging, from laundry, from just abut everything and just had a me day because I was feeling a touch under the weather.

Today, I’m back at it–checking out other writers’ sites from Opinionated Man’s Harsh Reality Meet & Greet and commenting and following; and hitting the mark with my post for yesterdays’s JusJoJan prompt JusJoJan Jan 2 Pause/Paws.

I’m also looking for other work at the moment so my plan is to visit 10 new blogs per day and comment/follow; read and comment on 10 that I’m already following; and make 5 serious job inquiries each day.  This is the plan and I will let you know how it’s going if you’re interested in following along.

That’s all for now.  Have a peaceful Sunday afternoon!




  1. have fun with the blogging!
    Good luck with the job hunt, that IS a full time job! I’m in the same boat, I don’t have much hope of finding anything til the price of oil goes back up. I hope your type of work is more available.

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