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C Sweet Original BannerDisclaimer:  If you opened this post to see my in my underwear that’s not going to happen but nonetheless I promise you won’t be sorry you clicked that last click…..

I’d written the other day that working on improvements to your blog while actively/regularly posting is like working in your underwear.  My meaning was that you’re exposing yourself and what you’re doing to the eyes and perhaps the comments, questions, and snide remarks of others.  In the case of this blog, that would be the general public….EEEK!

So while the perfectionist in me (who I’ve tried to do away with on many occasions) would want to make a grand entrance with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed, all the right bells and whistles, and all dressed up like the prize pig at the county fair to boot–the real, deep-down, genuine me is compelled to put this out there to see what you think and to get that feedback enabling me to make the refinements leading to you getting more of what you came here for and less of the “blah, blah, blah, so what stuff.

So that brings me back to taking my figurative blog clothes off (LOL  laughing at everyone with a Dirty Dirty Mind who still thinks they’re gonna see NAKED) and once again working in my underwear…..

Why am I back here at the drawing board when I said I was all reformatted and revved to just blog, blog, blog?  I had a good long conversation with my business manager**.  This conversation consisted of her asking me a lot of questions that I didn’t have answers to….no, not that I didn’t have good answers–I had no answers.

So here I am researching how to be a successful blogger, how to be successful as a personal blogger vs. a blogger about in-ground swimming pools who happens to sell and install in-ground swimming pools…or am I actually offering something of value and is there actually a market for it?

I don’t mean a “thanks for visiting my website, grab a shopping cart and start shopping” market I mean interest in the things I have to write about.  I told you, she asks the hard questions but I NEED that, I SO need it (and she LOVES doing it…I mean WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING AND WHO WANTS IT?  Talk about getting right to the heart.

So I’m not answering her because feeble, half-baked, non-answers won’t fly and I know that she knows that I know a feeble, half-baked, non-answer before it’s even completely uttered.  I’m not answering because my mind is already going a mile a minute thinking about the things she’s asking and itching to get away by myself to ponder, research, brainstorm and write about this some more.

At this point in time I would say that I’m still working on the definitive answers to those questions but this particular post is for those who are at a crossroads, who need encouragement to keep following a dream even if it hasn’t been handed to you in the form of a well-written business plan, or maybe just like to observe to see if the result is a home run or a train wreck.  I’m laying this all out here for public inspection:  I’m trying to go from saying “If only I could get paid for my nonsense that amuses so many people” to becoming a successful blogger deriving an income from writing content that people are hungry to read.

There, I’ve said it!  I’ve just uncovered my true intention here and if you’re still with me, what I’d like from you is your feedback on what I’m about to propose in the hope that it will help me fine-tune and refine what I’m writing about so that it’s ______, ________, and ________ every time.

Before we fill in the blanks here’s my kernel of a concept – 

What I offer – straightforward feedback on mostly career but any life situations that need to be worked through based on my on unique, personal, can’t be found in this combo anywhere else combination of experiences as a woman coming of age in the 80’s and trying to establish a professional career that once established required constant updates as the times, the economy, life events, the weather evolved and changed.  Professionally, the occupation that encompasses the biggest chunk of my career is RECRUITING.  As a recruiter I have been a career coach, personal cheerleader, sales and marketing professional, HEADHUNTER, all the while being an employee, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, a volunteer, a customer, an artist, see what I mean?

I came of age at the beginning of the “You can have it all” era.  Eager to grab my part of that, I quickly realized that you can have it all but you won’t necessarily get it all or be able to manage it all AT THE SAME TIME.  Right?  Life is full of making choices and balancing priorities and if you’re not out there choosing and balancing then life is passing you by.  Worse, life is making the choices for you because not choosing is making the choice to not choose is to declare yourself UNDECIDED.

What I’m really asking you, my reader, is why you like what I write?  Am I giving you food for thought?  Am I challenging you to think about something in a different way?  Are those things that you enjoy?  Are you maybe just reading because CJ says the same shit everyone else does but she says it in a way that’s funny somehow?  What is it you’re getting please I need to define it for my business manager!?!

My own thought is that it’s a Life Coach sort of proposition – I have considerable professional experience specific to matching people to jobs but as my own life coach shared with me–you’d can’t carve out your work life from your life…it’s your life and the various aspects of your life overlap…it’s not a matter of trying to deny it it’s a matter of successfully dealing with it –it’s all in the very delicate at times Balance!

I have more specific questions but I’m going to save those for next time.  For now,  I’m sincerely asking for your input here.  If you don’t feel comfortable telling me how wonderful or awful I am in a public comment please email me privately.


About the **Business Manager:  My business manager is a friend, neighbor, extremely well-read, well-traveled, articulate and talented individual who serves concurrently as president of my fan club, my harshest critic, and the best business adviser anyone could ever hope for…..and for me, it’s free because she gets the same from me plus whatever other value she derives from being friends with a crazy person who is unlike her in so very many ways–ok, so that’s how I happen to be fortunate enough to have an extremely intelligent and talented business manager…..I’m thankful for all of my many blessings, believe me!


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