Young Hearts Run Free

cropped-redbud-behind-dogwood.jpgWhat are my thoughts on aging, the Daily Post asks….well, it’s something I try not to think about much at all.  When we’re younger we don’t think about it much because it doesn’t apply but as we grow older we make it a point not to think about it too much–I mean the aspect of aging that reminds us of our mortality.

That’s kind of the way I stay young at heart – I don’t think of myself as aging.  While I recognize that I’ve changed in certain ways that I attribute to aging, like being a little more cautious about certain things that I used to be–a little more careful about taking risks, etc.

Another way I stay young at heart just goes along with the territory of having your first child at age 40.  Now, being 50+ with two kids in middle school I’m right in the young thing and will be for some time to come.

As far as what I might to to consciously keep myself young at heart, I’ve taught myself to become more present, to avoid things that stress me out, to do other things that I know will help me avoid stress – like taking 15 minutes to clear clutter, and this enables me to give my full attention to my son and daughter when they need or want my attention.  Eliminating stresses and making it a point to focus on them keeps me from being annoyed or impatient with them when sometimes they just want to be with fun Mom.

Of course, the inspiration to make my children’s health and happiness didn’t arise from the desire to stay young at heart, but it’s working for me so I’ll  take it.

The net result is that overall I feel that I’m not getting older; I’m getting better.

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Young At Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?




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