IMG_0292Faith plays a huge role in my life but I struggle to describe my faith to someone else.  I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith and have a strong affinity for the Church as it’s defined as “the body of Christ”.

However, I have loads of questions about the evolution of the Catholic faith from an historical standpoint as far as God’s intention vs. ideas of mankind or a group of “mens”, or whatever – and let’s leave it at that for right now.

What I can articulate is that for me my faith remains centered around one God – who is the Source of all, and an energetic body.  As my own faith has deepened and taken more shape I’ve come to understand that we are all connected to God/Source/Energy and to one another and that trusting in the messages I receive from Source has helped me to live a less stressful life.  What I mean by that is that my spiritual journey has led me to strong focus, belief, faith if you will, in the power or NOW and living with intention.  I’ve consciously and conscientiously worked on being present and not letting old hurts and disappointments hang over me like dark clouds; nor let fears of what might could happen in the future keep me frozen in place, afraid to fully participate in my life and the world around me.

I realize this sounds like I’ve left my Catholic faith and beliefs behind and gone to the New Age extreme but it’s more complicated than that and hence more difficult to describe.  So my purpose here was to answer the call of The Daily Post and tell you about the role that faith plays in my life and simply put my faith affects every part of my life in that I believe I am here on earth for a reason; I’ve accepted that a large part of my purpose is to be a parent and so I’m devoted to raising my children – providing for them and teaching them to be good people by providing good examples for them.

I believe that I have other gifts or talents that I’m to use for the benefit of others and it’s up to me to figure out the best way to do that.  Finally, I believe that as I’ve moved along my spiritual path I’ve grown as a person, become more self-aware (something I’ve always prayed for) and more content in my own skin. I guess a short way of saying it is that my faith is my anchor – and from there I go about my life.

How about you?

Can’t resist an opportunity to post a pic of my alter ego Sister Mary Chardonnay, that perfect amalgam of the sacred and the profane…Sister Mary ChardonnayI can never let any of my posts get too serious now can I?




  1. Well written. I have read many faith-based posts but not too many Catholic ones. I am also Roman Catholic and come from many generations of Catholicism. I was born Catholic, and Catholicism is in me. I feel like I couldn’t change my Catholicism any more than I could change my nationality. Yet, there are some aspect of my faith that I struggle with.

    I like what you wrote about being present. It’s something that I sometimes forget but that makes such a difference in being able to enjoy and participate in the world that I am given today.

    As much as I struggle with some of the manmade ideas and behaviors that have evolved through the centuries, what grounds me is remembering that we are “one bread, one body”…and I take it from there.

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