December 25, 2018

December 25, 2018

My Blog 12252015

As I sit here on this Christmas day I’m thinking back to Christmas 2015, when the weather was more tropical than apropos of northern Virginia in the wintertime.  The kids had been warned that it would be a lean Christmas because Mom hadn’t been working but Dad came through with the PS4 and all was tidings of comfort and joy!

I’d interviewed for a job that went to someone else (see my  Didn’t Get The Job Post ) and I really loved everything I’d heard about the job, everything, except maybe that it was a traditional job.

Well there’s nothing wrong with that on the surface but I’ve always thought of myself as being just shy of “traditional” in the sense of doing the things that everyone else is doing just because the majority think it’s the thing to do.  And as I’ve gotten older and worked various jobs in various organizations and even spent some time here and there unemployed, I realize that I found the structure of a 9 to 5’er more and more unappealing.

So there existed that Catch 22,  I didn’t want to work a full time in-my-chosen-profession job but needed the income to support the double income lifestyle my family enjoyed.   At the same time my thoughts flip-flopped from “yes I can do this, I can be self employed, I can write I can do professional coaching, I can paint, I can teach” to “just get your ass employed and don’t worry about all that other stuff.”  This was the battle that raged constantly in my head.

Well I took the opportunity over that Christmas 2015, that was nontraditional in more ways than the weather, and worked on this blog to shape it up and define it and get it into a format that I was totally satisfied with and then on to the work of getting the word out.  After several days at it, I found the format I loved and got things moving in the right direction.  I still had work to do to get all of my widgets set up and working the say they should but I could turn my attention to the myriad advice of successful bloggers who happily shared their tips for breaking through to the next level and beyond – but who went out of their way to establish means for bloggers to support one another.

Now, three years later I owe those who came before me and were willing to teach the rest of us, and in particular, Jason, aka aopinionated man, at Harsh Reality, a big debt of gratitude for all they were doing back then to support the blogger community.    I credit them with giving me a strong basis for making a living as a writer today.  cj clarke 12-12-18

Written in response to the Daily Post prompt – Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.



  1. CJ,
    Great post and reflecting what I have felt at times in my own life. I don’t like the comfort of a 9-5 job except for the security it provides.A year and a half of unemployment, inspire of being “highly qualified” showed me how much money matters and is respected in the world. A year later, in a job which provides me security and some fun but is not what I love to do, I find myself reflecting even as to whether my period of unemployment was better than this. The feeling that I need to do something, to prove myself strong in something is strong within me. Is this a very woman thing, do you think ?

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