Going to Work on Format Now

Blogging while working on the composition and appearance of your blog is a bit like letting people see you in your underwear, don’t you think?

The blogging bug bit me years ago and I’ve dabbled and blogged and thought about it and blogged and not blogged for long periods–but I keep coming back.  So now I’m curious about what it is that makes me want to do this and more importantly, what the hell do I write about–I need “a thing”, right?

With a long history of amusing people with my streams of consciousness (ok, I may have pissed a few people off along the way too), I often thought, “If I could only get paid for my nonsense!”  Is it about me wanting my nonsense to be noticed?  Is it about me finding fulfillment in amusing and entertaining? Is it about sharing ideas and snide remarks with kindred spirits?

Yes. It’s all of those things and a bunch of other stuff too, mixed together in varying combinations on different days and I think it’s all ready to come together.  So Cynde Rants and Raves, and As the Potomac Falls, and Sister Mary Chardonnay, and The C-Sweet all have their place in the lineup.  You never know who you’re going to hear from on which day.

The main thing is that I’ve come to realize that my “thing” is that I’m me and no one is better at being me, than me.  No, I’m not tempted to go all Sally Field here, I swear I am NOT!

I’m going to work on the format now.  You’ve been watching me in my underwear for long enough, don’t ya think?




  1. Looking forward to witnessing this… as a newer blogger, I’m always interested in how people come up with their plan, and if they can make money from it, HOW they do it. I’m staying tuned 😀

    • Oh wow, I think this just got real sereyus….you want to witness THIS??? Well as of the day I posted about working on the format the appearance of the whole site has changed dramatically – but before I did that I spent a bunch of time checking out other blogs via Opinionated Man’s Meet & Greet for bloggers and following many of them. The result was that peeps started following me which made me pause and say, oh dear, I feel as though they’re watching me working in my underwear so I worked on the format for a couple of days. Yes, my kids are on Christmas break and I’m holed up in my room working on my blog….timing is everything. I was happy to happen upon this theme I chose which they call a magazine format, I like that, shows a variety of stuff out front. From there I worked on getting the widgets to all work right with the proper links, etc. that can be frustrating but I slogged through it after a big scare of looking at the wordpress.org stuff and feeling like I was doomed because I’m not a developer. So here we are today and I made the link work to add the Amazon associates to the page although I wanted to show it more prominently and as a picture….I don’t think they pay you for a “by the way” tacked on mention. We’ll see how that goes. As for the other ads, I’ve had word ads on my blog forever and a day but didn’t get enough traffic to make enough for a payout….basically I’ve accumulated $22 and change over 3 years of hit and miss posting so now that everything looks the way I want it too I’m all systems go to post every day as well as check out other blogs, follow, comment, etc. per the formula they all say works. Stay tuned and thanks for following!!

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