I’m Miss Columbia; Miss Philippines Got the Job

Maybe my subtitle should be:  Trust Your Intuition CJ…. but I haven’t even started and I’m digressing…..

From the Top:  

I’m in the job market right now.  It’s not that I NEED a job, which I DO, it’s that I’m really so ready –chomping at the bit READY–to get back in the game.

What’s the game?  You know, the GAME, the Business World, the arena where deals are struck and things happen that move everything FORWARD….THE GAME!  Yes, I know that the game doesn’t energize everyone and everyone doesn’t think like me but I’m talking about that game.

Last week I interviewed for a position that was the first time I’d gotten enthusiastic about donning one of my business suits, doing my face, and driving into DC to work out of an office type of position.

I am the job.  The thing is, someone else is also the job.  I didn’t get the job – the other person is getting the offer.

The Good News:

Okay, so the good news is that there were no negatives – I didn’t lack a credential or key experience; I didn’t scrape my chair across the floor making an obnoxious noise like Roseanne Rosannadanna did with Walter Cronkite in her legendary interview at CBS Roseanne’s Audience with Mr. Cronkite (I love you Gilda Radner – you a genius and you were taken much too soon).

The Bad News:

So I did wonderfully in the interview but the offer is going to someone else.  The search continues; and I do have a couple of other irons in the fire but I’m disappointed.  Not totally surprised–more on my intuition about this in a later post–but definitely disappointed.  I was jazzed and I could have made a difference there.  So what next?

Sour Grapes or Lemonade?

Do I say that I didn’t want that job anyway?  Aesop’s Fox & Grapes

Or do I go with it wasn’t meant to be at this time and take the energy and enthusiasm I had going into the interview and explore other opportunities and make this work out the way I want it to.

You’re damned right I’m going with Option B!

And if you need help with job search strategy, putting together a resume to target the position you want, hiring people into your small firm, please message me to set up a time to talk in greater detail.

Job Search Strategy and Marketing Yourself is my game….who’s in?





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